Lost Lights MIA

Starting this thread to keep track of how many lights have been lost.

Anyone can list there lights. If you have not lost one yet you can reserve a spot
by saying all accounted for and how long you have been into lights.


7-20-21 All accounted for. 3 years. //// Something to that nature.

Example of lights MIA will be in my first post.

MIA 2017 Novatac 120 think2x led swapped. Still hurts.
MIA 7/19/21 Armytek Partner self modded. H17f driver. Ano Stripped. 5000kv XPL something. I’ll get over fast.

Both Above lights where lost using a pocket clip. Deep carry. I am guessing they were lost from leaning up against
a safety rail at work. Or possible leg pushed them up while taking a knee.


JetBeam (can’t recall the model) 14500 Battery

Lost about 6 years ago. I have no idea what happened. It just dissapeared. :cry:

Lost AAA Tool after mini bike ride on nest door Farmers lane, found on main asphalt road later that day run over by cars, tube/head is egg shaped but still works!

Went crazy one time looking for On the Road M3, looked all over the place, ended up it was stuck on my computer tower via magnet :slight_smile:

Yikes chadvone,

For me its more like

What lights I wouldn’t mind going MIA, due to buyers remorse?

Especially when I started off buying early Streamlight led stuff.

Lost a bunch of pocket clips. luckily for me when that happens the light slides down into me pocket.

I did lose a US made Kershaw knife 5yrs ago, Discontinued and worth about $225 now. Still very very pissy about it. TEARS

I have not lost any lights, nor have I sold any of my 49 real performance lights, nor the six sub-performance lights that preceded them; I have them all except for two that I made gifts of. I have not broken any. No wife, kids or dog to borrow, break or chew my lights. I never set down a light when I am busy. It is in my hand or in its holster or clipped to my pocket, or on their home location, such as my flashlight tables or flashlight desk or in the safe. Twice, I had a light pop off of its pocket clip due to bumping into a door. I never loan out a real flashlight; I have some sub-junk lights for such purpose. I have a very active social life; many people marvel at the real performance lights that they see in action; some people have actually taken the initiative to actually purchase one after seeing them in action.

All this since October 2014, when I discovered real performance lights. I edc carry one or two lights every day. My biggest beat up light is TN36UT, and my smallest beat up light is S2 Baton. I have maintained only two lights new in box: MMU-X3 modded with 3 x XHP 50.2, and TM06S modded with 4 x 50.2.

My lights: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/9150/287

Thanks for sharing

Nebo Larrys, mostly, because the plastic clip breaks.

Define “lost”, though.

My Jet-I and Jet-II both were EDCd in my bag at least, but fiik where I put them. I know I saw at least the Jet-II in a plastic bag with some other stuff (usb cables, etc.) that I emptied from one stash to another, but where that bag is now, I have no idea. Would need a major archælogical dig to find it.

Other lights “disappeared” similarly, like meters, small chargers, etc.

Presently lost. You can edit later if found….

Edit. I lost Convoy M2 that was discovered a year later when I put the tent up

Did you look under the sink???

I lost a Skillhunt E2A a few months ago when it was less than a week old. I was rushing from work to the airport, and it must have been knocked off of my pocket by the bags I had slung over my shoulders. I called to ask someone to retrace my steps on the way out of the building but it never turned up.

I lost a Thrunite TiS, it was my favorite EDC for years so lost from my pocket.

I lost a Lumintop Tool AAA, also from my pocket. This one I liked less so didn’t bother me that much, my other Tool AAA I gave away to my sister.

Never lost a light.

Yep, me neither.

Hurricane Irma in 2017 and I had a CooYoo Quantum on a single key ring, which Ven sent me and I was pulling downed limbs away from my downstairs neighbor’s patio and it fell out of my pocket and into the grass.

I had my Convoy M2, so the peanut wasn’t being used.

Never did find it, or the key, but I didn’t lock the door that time!


My wife lost her (it was mine initially) ZebraLight a couple years ago. We were on vacation in a cabin on the lake and when we came back home she noticed that the 18650 SC62w was missing. We searched everywhere and couldn’t find it. She felt very bad about it and I was surprised as to how much it affected her.

She then contacted the cabin owner about it and got info on the person that cleans the cabin. And luckily found out the cleaning person found her ZebraLight and kept it. The cleaning person noted that her boyfriend looked up the flashlight and saw how expensive it was. It was very unprofessional that she took the flashlight rather than just leaving it in the cabin. But it was good that she admitted to finding it and we were able to pick it up.

So I guess all is well that ends well. And my wife was so grateful to get her flashlight back!

Lights I’ve lost:

  • My prized Convoy S2, back when it had a 3/5 driver and wasn’t so prized. I went to watch a presentation at work one day and it slipped out of my pocket. Luckily a colleague saw it and picked it up for me.
  • A Convoy M1. I went out in shorts to the supermarket one night and could swear it had fallen off the (big) side pocket as I moved in or out of the car. Even contacted the supermarket’s Lost & Found incase an employee had seen it when collecting the shopping buggies at the parking lot, but no. That one was pretty heartbreaking… Until on another hot day months later, I went to place my sunglasses on the holder above the driver’s door, and the case wouldn’t fit despite being small! So I reach in and… guess what was inside there. Totally forgot I’d put the torch up there secifically to prevent dropping from the pocket. Oops. :blush:
  • A Thrunite T10. I used to forget it on top of the bathroom fixtures at work, and one day, it disappeared permanently. This one I wasn’t super affected by, it had a very ugly (low CRI yellow with a hint of green) XP-L inside, the mode distribution sucked – it was too low on Moonlight and Low and way too much on High, made worse by the extremely floody beam profile –, and it had an old dented Eneloop inside. Whatever. I much prefer the Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 I bought to replace it, it’s better in all aspects, including beam quality, despite being cool white.

Olight H1 Nova on my last hiking trip to Lawu mountain.

Lost a Surefire LX2 Lumamax. Well, I know where it went but I never got it back.
Lost a Surefire E2D Defender ultimate due to a shitty pocket clip design. The clip was still attached to my pocket at the end of the day, but the light wasn’t.

Almost lost a 4/7s quark QTLC. I dropped it, off, in the middle of a field on a pitch black night. It took me 15 minutes crawling around on my hands and knees to find it and I started looking right where I dropped it. That experience is one of the reasons I like the aux leds on the D4V2 I EDC now. I leave them on low red and I’ll always be able to find it if that happens again.

i know i lost several dozen of lights, from edc, headlamps to big hid searchlights that i build and accidentally lost at sea\lakes. most were lost in the woods while camping, there are also about as many i gave away, off the top of my head, i lost 3-4 convoys, leatheman s3, several maglites, moded and not, zebralight, 2 d-10 lights, pelicans, two surefire e2, and about 2 dosens of light that i build from scratch and moded.