Lots of AA sized cells but only two AA lights.

Romisen RC-G2 for a pocketable 1x-AA with decent throw or a Sipik SK-68 for something a little different. I have both and find that I like the RC-G2 a bit better because of the form factor. Both are a little large for EDC pocket carry, but aren't so big that they cause a problem. My G2 is my drop-in-the-pocket around-town light. The SK-68 has a nice clip and the option to run from 14500 for better performance. My Ultrafire C3 would be a better candidate for pocket carry but it's just too unreliable without some minor modifications.

I'm not a big fan of 2xAA lights. I have several 18650 lights that fit that niche.

Get yourself a compact twisty light for something different. An ITP A2/Olight i2 would be ideal. Shiningbeam has the A2 stainless for a very good price right now. The stainless is using the XP-E R2 unlike the newer versions which use an XP-G R5 however. If you are not in the US, there is at least one e-bay seller that has it for just as cheap at the moment.


Another idea for a different aa light would be something with variable brightness like the ITP SA1 or the ITP C7 (which are now hard to find). Most everyone who has an SA1 seems to love it, though it is chunky for 1xaa light.

Hmmm, since I also own those 2 lights...

Sipik SK68 as zoomy might be nice for you (better than C78, fake Romisen C6 and Romisen RC-29 imho)

Hugsby P31 is still my brightest AA light, but there have been reports (Don) that the Eastward YJ J09 4-Mode might be brighter (my 3-mode isn't).

I would buy the Sipik again, because it offers so much for so little money and give the Eastward another try because I like the overall built quality, size and especially the clip.


The stainless steel Ultrafire C3 is a nice light, about $14

My Jetbeam BA10 is my favorite AA light, but the Ultrafire U20 with an XP-G is a nice little thrower as well.

I'm thinking I need the Sipik SK68. A lot of those lights are nice but when compared to the XML E03 they are just meh...

If you haven't got a Sipik SK68 or clone then get that first. Its good on AA but terrific on 14500's. I get mine here. Great price and it has the decent pill and driver.

But if you have lots of AA's and NiMH then why not get an Ultrafire MCU-C88.

There are numerous versions of this guy: http://www.shiningbeam.com/servlet/the-230/Romisen-RC-dsh-N3-II-NW/Detail

I bought a nearly identical unit in grey about a year ago, and it's one of my favorite lights. Maybe just my favorite, not sure. I can't find the gray unit on SB now. Anyway, it's the light I usually grab when I have work to do.

You can find better prices, but I prefer SB's offerings for their Romisens. They seem more honestly described & genuine, for some reason, and the service is excellent.

the Xeno is pretty floody and UF-H2 is a straight-up flooder, so i'd pick up a SK68 like you mentioned or another similar thrower.

A sipik sk68 (also if it's not the brightest light on AA) or a stainless steel flashlight, like a SS C3.

Stainless steel sounds like it might be a good idea I can recommend the N-light,the Eastward ,the Tank BLF light,the new DQG coming out AA small SS.,zebra ,nitecore ..But everybody's different.."why do you like the xeno ?..Fit Feel,Finish? brightness ,tint ? runtimes ,lows ,modes ...?

I like the Xeno E03 because it's small, runs on any AA sized cell, uses an XML, has finger grooves and GITD bits at each end, comes in colors, no flashy modes. Oh and it fits IN my wallet.

I'm going to add a Sipik SK68 to my next Manafont order I think. http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/sipik-sk68-floodtothrow-zooming-cree-q4-convex-lens-led-flashlight-grey-1aa-p-5822

I received my SK68 today. It will be a nice addition to my EDC line up.

+1 jetbeam BA10 , It may run on 14500's not sure.

Whatever you buy, do not buy these FAKE flashlight. RC-C6 don't fit AA or 14500.

Please take a closer look at the real one at DX: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/romisen-rc-c6-flood-to-throw-zooming-q3-wc-90-lumen-led-flashlight-1-cr123a-26792

You could see the tail cap on ebay one is a white plastic press fit , while the real one is metal screw in. I bought the same light so I know what i'm talking about. I returned it because i don't need another piece of junk in my collection.

I'm sick and tired of all these ebay links that screw people up. Why would you refer people to a fake flashlight ? Just to save a few bucks?

Double O-rings, nice anodisation in non-standard colours, SS foy-bezel, current regulation (hence no PWM flickering on med-low), fits perfectly to Fenix equipment like diffuser-cones and flat diffusers (21,5 mm bezel), tailstands....

pretty much perfect, except it has no clip....

I was only asking so i could better answer the question.. I really wasn't asking why I should buy a xeno 03 ..I was asking what appeals to him .. but thanks for the info .

I like xeno lights alot .. the Farka f8 v5 and v6 are nice lights

one downside to the xeno 03 is (No low on a 14500)..I need my low,lows

Mmmm... Farka F8 v6....

That F8 V6 is definitely on my "need to buy" list. DROOL>>>