Low price HID flashlights.

Hi friends!

BLF has no “HID flashlights” section, so I have had to create this thread in “off-topic” subforum…

No one seems to have said anything about the “low” priced HID flashlights arrived at DX…

I will write these links with my referral code inserted, if you dont want to use them, click in the other links in the bottom of the post…


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65W (claims 6500 lumen) silver painted (154:money_mouth_face: http://dx.com/p/sdt-06-rechargeable-65w-hid-6500lm-3-mode-cool-white-flashlight-silver-167071?Utm_rid=43033281&Utm_source=affiliate

65W (claims 6500 lumen) black painted (166:money_mouth_face: http://dx.com/p/sdt-005-rechargeable-65w-hid-6500lm-3-mode-cool-white-flashlight-black-166927?Utm_rid=43033281&Utm_source=affiliate

85W (claims 8500 lumen) silver painted (154:money_mouth_face: http://dx.com/p/sdt-02-rechargeable-85w-hid-8500lm-3-mode-cool-white-flashlight-silver-167081?Utm_rid=43033281&Utm_source=affiliate

85W (claims 8500 lumen) black painted (167:money_mouth_face: http://dx.com/p/sdt-01-rechargeable-85w-hid-8500lm-3-mode-cool-white-flashlight-black-167075?Utm_rid=43033281&Utm_source=affiliate


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65W (claims 6500 lumen) silver painted (154:money_mouth_face: http://dx.com/p/sdt-06-rechargeable-65w-hid-6500lm-3-mode-cool-white-flashlight-silver-167071

65W (claims 6500 lumen) black painted (166:money_mouth_face: http://dx.com/p/sdt-005-rechargeable-65w-hid-6500lm-3-mode-cool-white-flashlight-black-166927

85W (claims 8500 lumen) silver painted (154:money_mouth_face: http://dx.com/p/sdt-02-rechargeable-85w-hid-8500lm-3-mode-cool-white-flashlight-silver-167081

85W (claims 8500 lumen) black painted (167:money_mouth_face: http://dx.com/p/sdt-01-rechargeable-85w-hid-8500lm-3-mode-cool-white-flashlight-black-167075


It seems that there is a Discount CouponDXRFDGIFT5” (only 5%, but, it is something…) valid from 26Nov to 14Dec

They are “KITs”, inluding the flashlight, battery, charger, etc…

Any info about them over internet?


EDIT: hey! it seems that the coupon is valid ONLY for the FIRST ONE!!!

I too couldn’t find much information about these flashlight styled HID lights, but had you utilised the search function you may have found this thread.

Thanks, but. Is the same light?

Most likely. I can’t say for sure but based on the pictures they probably all come out of the same factory.


I have a 85w if you have questions just pm me :).

some pictures i took

It’s okay, that’s my thread :).

Home Depot had a HID spotlight of some kind for 45 dollars. It was made to run off of one the 18 volt power tool batteries. I was very tempted but the batteries cost as much as the light. :(

No, 65W HID sold at $154 isn’t the cheapest. Try to search in Ebay or Aliexpress, some 85W flashlight style HID are sold at $134 or something.