Lumileds Luxeon Rubix

Lumileds has a new family of tiny colour LEDs.
Like some of their earlier colour LED families this one also comes with a white LED.
Sadly, only CRI 60min now. :frowning:

Anyway, the family is very impressive, with 1.4x1.4 mm footprint and 3A drive current.

Similar to the Cree XD16, with by the looks of it an actual die of 1mm2. I doubt that it outperforms the XD16, let go that it comes close to the 1mm2 White flat. (440 lumen at 1500mA is not groundbreaking). and it does not have a thermal pad so special boards (Virence) are needed to get the most out of them. But who knows how it performs in the real world….

Compared to XD16 it’s smaller and allows higher current, giving it overall twice as high current density - in the datasheet.
Real world? I don’t have any expectations.

Really I don’t care much as long as there’s no high CRI. But if someone wants to build a dense colour LED array these seem like a top pick.

Or one could use it to build this. It seems that for someone who doesn’t care about CRI this is the best option so far, beating both Oslon Pure and XD16 by a significant margin.

What’s interestingly different here is the framed and what appears from just this picture as a sunken phosphor surface. “Cross talk” probably won’t be an issue here.

But the resulting large gaps between the dies will unfortunately probably make it unsuitable for an array.

Yes, at least through focused secondary optics. Still could work in some applications. This design feature makes me think there won’t ever be high CRI options. Seems like a $/lumen effort to me…