Lumileds Luxeon V2, a 5000K 70CRI led (from Arrow) tested.

If you do get the UT210E. I think it can be had with a coupon for ~$30 from Banggood. (contact your preferred affiliate spammer for details :stuck_out_tongue: )

The Luxeon V2 4K is great too. I have it in a BLF A6 and I have a mixed D4 with 2 of each.

Haha, that’s actually exactly what I have in my cart right now and am going to order it!

Here’s mine, installed in S2+ with frosted 15 degree TIR and compare with Samsung LH351D 5000K 90CRI. Photo taken by cell phone using Fluorescent WB.

Samsung (left) - L1V2 (right)


was there any difference in the Vf measurement method (since the Oslon mentions ‘V over LED wires’ and the others don’t)?

No, the Vf is always measured the same way: ~5cm long 20AWG teflon wires were soldered to the ledboard, the the wires for voltage measurment are clipped at the end of those wires. Ideally you want to solder separate voltage wires right next to the led but I never do that. The voltage drop over those wires is small but not negligable: at 5A it is about 0.03V, this should ideally be substracted from the voltage value.

Got another light to try out the Luxeon V2 again, this time in 3000k flavour.

And as usual, Lumileds did not disappoint. Beamshot was taken with WB4600, S1/15 and ISO100 which is pretty close to what I’m seeing.

Just finished my S2+ build, converted from the original XM-L2 U4 6500K LED. And I have to say - downright beautiful result. Didn’t take any beamshots yet, the sun is still out and the room is too bright.

But boy, it looks amazing! Creamy white is the right term mentioned above.

The light I finished uses a LED-DNA optic (60° I believe) and a AR lens on top of that. It is a DD driver, but not built correctly by me (only delivers 2.5A on direct drive currently, with any LED).

Price for best packaging, as usual, goes to Arrow. Thanks again for posting the deal and huge thanks to Arrow for lightning-fast shipping.

Got some interesting results today, the end result was expected but it was great to see the numbers…

A week ago I stuck a quad of these in my old Sinner host but in order to fit the quad optic it has to be sized down to 20mm so that’s quite far into the actual cones/cups of the optic and I knew that would make a big effect on output, I just didn’t think it would eat up ~40% of the lemons!

Case in point it was measuring 2240 out the front lemons at 10.38A (2.595A/emitter) which by the graph should of been about 4100 actual.

I upgraded to a triple today, it’s now running at 7.8A (by coincidence the same 2.6A/emitter. It’s limited with 22AWG wire and lack of a spring bypass to try to keep it somewhat usable) and is putting 2563lm otf for a optical loss of only 16! I actually gained 331lemons going down to a triple. To me, it also says a lot for the [new] optic getting well under 20 optical loss which is what I’ve pretty much always used as a sort of standard multiplier to go from OTF.

Having said all this, it’s almost useless “research” as it’s comparing an off the shelf part to a heavily modified one, so take everything I’ve said with that in mind. Perhaps this would of been a better post for a thread on carlco optics…

V2 page .

Arrow, Digikey and Mouser have listed V2 as EOL/discontinued. Arrow has them for cheap right now.

Hmm, yeah. Like $0.50 each is a steal. It’s a good thing I already have a bunch of them or I’d grab more.

I’m not sure about the TX, but the HL2X is said to be green and have tint shift problems. Hard pass.

The things are so ugly I’ll send all of mine for free to anyone interested.

Does does slicing help?

TX even has different has solder pads

Feel free to try, I’d just as soon use dogfarts or sst20.