Lumintop 14500 question

I just bought the USB C cable out of curiosity, if it will charge the 14500. I’m planning on using it for my phone. The Anker is thicler, better made than the factory phone cable.

I have a USB A to USB C cable. I bought for charging in the SUV. Charging the 14500 with this cable is no problem.

I tried charging the 14500 with my Vapecell S4 Plus charger. The charger selected ,250 A.

I was just experimenting. Now I know I can’t charge with USB C to USB C cable. Maybe a cheap cable may work.

I’m going to continue using my USB A to USB C cable, or the Vapecell charger.

Is this a 14500 with built-in charger?

If so, it should be smart enough (or at least not stoopit enough) to charge at a manageable rate and not push it Just Because.

Yes, It’s the Lumintop 14500.

I tried using the Xtar USB Tester with the USB A to USB C cable.

The reading I received was 5,04 V and .42 Amp.