Lumintop Ant brass version

BTW: you don’t need to cycle through all modes to turn off from low. Just give a slight turn to the head and back.

That Maratac TPF and the Ant look remarkably similar. Any chance that the heads are interchangeable?

I don’t think so, the Maratac tailcap for example, is interchangeable with the Massdrop brass AAA and the Tool series. But the Ant isn’t because the diameter of the threads is slightly bigger then the Tool series.

Just ordered a second brass w tritium… (there’s a code right now - not the best price ever but not bad)
Who resurrected this thread! :person_facepalming:

I love this light! Not a top performer, but definitely a very cute one. The tritium inset in the tail cap is a nice touch for sure. A Nichia led would have been nice too.

Should i get a SS too? :smiley:

By acquisition of a Lumintop Ant I doubled the size of my collection in one swift stroke. :smiley:

Thanks for recommending this beautiful flashlight, I’m very happy with it.