Lumintop BLF GT --> BLF GT90 conversion !

” yokiamy ” Very impressive !! You guys are showing that ” Old Lumen Spirit “, just what BLF is all about. Nice to see TEAM work :wink: .
There is something about a ” hands on modded light ” that is so much more fun to use. Enjoy :sunglasses:

Very nice Yokiamy! Thanks for sharing, must be fun.

Great mod :+1:

Regards Xandre

Excellent job on the mod!

I converted 2 GT's with the kit, have 1 more kit to go, but still need to upgrade 2 more GT's after that. Just emailed Lumintop if they would sell me two sets of the driver and LED/MCPCB, so waiting patiently for them to respond. If they are able to sell me the parts, I'd be very much interested in downloading the Gerber files for the carrier boards and getting them made, maybe with OSHPark but I may give JLCPCB a try. I'll have to price compare - OSHPark is probably a bit more $$$ but free shipping.

JLPCB for me, with shipping, was $12.06. However, there were several options that I couldn’t select for the boards at checkout. It would give the same warning, that the options selected were an uncommon combination, and they would have to do a custom run, and it would both take longer and cost like $30 extra. So I got everything default except red solder mask on the positive and black solder mask on the negative (those options were free).

It’s also worth noting that it got me like 5 of each, and I only need one of each for my mod (MF02), so I could send a pair of each to someone for the cost of shipping.

What did you do about the driver and LED?

I’m putting a TA 46mm FET+1+15 SRK driver in my MF02 and I got the SBT90.2 from Hank.

Sorry I don’t have any ideas about the GT driver. All you really need is something with a FET in the correct size, though. No idea what the size is for the GT. I was curious about the GT90 driver itself, but Yokiamy didn’t post any pictures of the topside of the new driver

You know when you think about it, I had options for the driver - could have piggybacked in a FET+1 for example. The $120 for the full kit is pricey for what you are getting, but there's was no option for me for the LED, MCPCB, and centering piece.

This driver came with the kit, but swapped in a SIRA20DP for the SIR800DP and added the red jumper in an attempt to improve flow. Also swapped the 20 AWG LED wires with 18 AWG because why not? 18 AWG fits fine - plenty of clearance.

So I modded the mod kit :BEER:

Kit parts, minus the screws and carriers not shown:

The GT90 driver is 45.5 mm in diameter and 2.2 mm thick, stock GT driver is 46.0 mm x 2.2 mm. 1.6 mm is pretty much the standard driver thickness, so dunno if it would be an issue using an OSHPark SRK 1.6 mm driver.

Yes, that’s the standard GT90 driver i got. Pretty cheap though.
I contacted Victor Zhou from Lumintop, great guy, pretty responsive and helpful.

Also i do have some spare PCB’s for battery carrier conversion for anyone interested.

How did you contact him? I got no reply yet from the email to, but probably need to give them a couple more days.

After 2 Chinese biz days with no response, I'm now trying Even if I could get only the LED, MCPCB, and centering piece - that would be fine.

I just received my SBT90.2 kit and the mcpcb screw holes are too big for the original screws, what should I do?

Take care that the heads of the screws do not protrude from the surface of the centering gasket otherwise it will dent the reflector (it happened to a friend).

The 2 simplest options would be to either use a washer with the stock screws or get some screws with a larger head.

If you are in a real pinch sticking several layers of paper on the screw, trim to size and then screwing it in should work, Also should help center the screw as the paper gives.

Depending on how oversized the hole is this can work well or not at all, I have done this in the past on holes just slightly too large.

I’m only seeing the gt70 conversion on nealsgadgets and lumintoponline. Is the gt90 conversion still available?

Would not surprise me if it was not sold anymore.

Dredging this thread up to say thanks for the guide. I picked up a used GT and have converted it to a GT90.

The JLCPCB battery carrier deal went super smoothly. I even used the original GT PCBs to replace the modded ones in my MF04S that uses a Lexel buck driver. It’s awesome that the battery carrier PCBs are interchangeable between those lights.

Lumintop sold me the driver, centering ring, and LED, but did not include the MCPCB. I did not specifically request it in the inquiry, so I’ve sent them another inquiry for the MCPCB. In the meantime, I’m using the 32mm Noctigon MCPCB.

The centering ring Lumintop provided has a very large hole, so I 3d printed one with GITD PLA. It looks really nice in the GT. While I was at it, I made one for my MF04S as well.

Thanks again for the guide!