Lumintop FW1A discussion and review

I had wondered if they decided to just use one reflector for both models.

I bet that’s it, only need one reflector now instead of two.

Yes, and given all that went into the design and production of these lights, free to Lumintop, this is very disappointing, to say the least.

So, is there anything that can be done about this new reflector? Anybody know of a better one that would fit?

I don’t know how the FW1A differs from the FW3A in the MCPCB shelf/cavity, but I used the Convoy S21A reflector. I was probably one of, if not the very first to convert an FW3A into a single emitter. . Currently with a sliced 4000k SST20 —Tiny, tiny hotspot. Looking to try a 3500k LH351 from Digikey next… Very happy with it overall.

Just received a Nichia FW1A, must be from new batch because can confirm has new reflector with wide spacing, a little disappointing to be honest.

Disappointed to learn of the reflector issue. Lumintop are total cheapskates who have no pride in the quality of their products.

Yup, hugely disappointed. Along with the smushy, doomed to fail switch on the GT mini, its unlikely I’ll be buying another Lumintop product.

large hole at base of reflector with small LED, is not a good match

some possible ways to improve the beam

1. Use a wider LED such as the LH351d


2. move the small LED closer to the reflector, by creating a 0.5mm thinner centering ring

What about filing down the back of the centering ring?

I could use a bigger LED, but I was hoping for some throw in a little pocket light. I was expecting more than the S2+ since the reflector is wider, but it’s actually less throwy than the smaller S2+ reflector.

I avoid modifying the original part
fear of breaking

I sand down one these alternative centering rings instead

so I can go back to stock if all fails

Amazing how they took the FW1A, which I’ve seen praised numerous times for the amount of throw it provides in its size, and ruined it so quickly.

Well, Hank was always going to make a better light anyway.

I have a couple extra of those, I’ll experiment and report back.

I’m glad I got a FW1A before it was changed. It’s one of my favorite lights.

Anyway, hopefully someone can post test results for the modified version. I’d like to see the before/after data.

It is really disappointing how they compromise these designs.

“We ran out of reflectors for this model”
“Just use the reflectors from a different model”
“But they won’t fit properly, they will looks stupid and give a bad beam.”
“LOL, who cares. If the customer complains, tell them they have to pay to send back to China. Nobody ever does”

There goes my idea to get a FW1A for a lume1 driver…

It would have been my most used light but now is my least used. Please make the old reflectors again and let me buy one :cry:

Yes, for XPL-HI or SST20, until we know IF throw numbers have changed we know nothing. The one picture posted of the beam pattern looks pretty similar to the old one.

I had an OP reflector the correct depth, but smaller diameter, from a cheap brass light that I converted to TIR. A little ugly, but it fits. The centering ring holds it in place well enough for now:

Beam is better (camera is not):

I also have one with the approximately correct diameter and depth on order from KD, so I’ll try that when it arrives. Shame this is necessary for an otherwise excellent light.