Lumintop FW3A

Is that really one long sentence?

I’m glad it wasn’t just me. I tried reading it but gave up after the first line since it was making my eyes and head hurt. It’s way easier for me to read typing that has typo’s and bad grammar than a wall of text without punctuation/formatting.

my brain registered it as a photo

I bet he was using voice recognition.

This is the best post I’ve read regarding the FW3A --truly love it, thank you for posting.

Perhaps the spelling, “Lumintop” was selected on purpose?
Such as…
Dunkin’ Donuts
Froot Loops
Cheez Whiz

People tend to remember oddities.
In the internet age strange spelling may make it easier to register an internet domain.

Or same thing going as when parents choose odd spellings for their child
’s name.
Jackson = Jaxson
Emily = Emmalee
David = Dayvyd

I love my FW3a’s (both of them)

Ha! The first time a high-powered light turned on in my pocket, was also a FW3a and I was driving also! You are so right about the hair trigger. I now have four of them and the little AA and love them all. So far so good on reliability!

Thanks for your post