Lumintop GT4

Yeah, Samsung has always served me well, might as well stick with them.

Here is my .2 cents (My views aren’t worth 2 cents yet :), get whatever is cheaper. They are both great cells. I have built a few 3v XHP50 FET driven lights and I cannot tell a difference between 40T and P42. If I had a meter I’m sure I could note higher output with the Samsung. If I used a timer, I’m sure I could see better runtime with the Molicel. I don’t really do either and I’ve never noticed the lights pooping out early with the Samsung or being too dim with the Molicel. The top is raised a bit more on the Molicel. I’m not sure if it would be enough to not need to solder blob them though. They are both really good cells.

Thanks for all your work on this light Texas Ace.

They are the same price which is what makes it harder.

Although right now unless we get confirmation that the stimulus is going to come in I can’t justify the purchase of either lol.

I can’t tell the difference in output with my eyes. It can only be measured. I think P42A is probably the more practical light because it maintains higher current throughout the discharge but the 40T gives you max output, which most flashaholics are after.

Mooch says the P42A beats the 40T but I think it depends on your usage.

The Molicel P26A 18650 on the other hand kicks serious ass and is easily the best high output cell IMO. I measured a good amount higher output with the P26A than the VTC6 and VTC5D in the E07 and still has decent 2,600mah capacity. The VTC6 and VTC5D outputs higher than the 30Q.

Does anybody know the exact CCT of the NW and CW versions?

This was asked in the GB thread: Official Group Buy Now Live! Lumintop BLF GT4 4x XHP70.2 30,000 lumen 1300m 7lb passive cooling beast!

I sent a message asking for details, I will post there when I find out.

What are the best batteries for this?

I know the bundle comes with Sony vtc6 but I don’t know if those are they best or just what were easily obtainable.

I would say the VTC6 are the best overall cells for it unless there are some new cells I am not aware of.

Ok. I just bought the light using your code. Thanks TA.

Thanks! :+1:

What would be the best USA source to buy the batteries? I didn’t buy the bundle kit because I don’t need the charger and everytime I buy a light with batteries in it, it seems to have difficulties getting here.

Lithium ion wholesale. Or Ilumn. I bought from lithium ion wholesale before and they’re good company. Bulk discount. Plan on around $5.50 ea for 8 vtc6. 6 cost me almost $50 after shipping.

Thank you!

Had to order from Neal. Seems everywhere locally is either sold out or asking $10 a battery.

Check out Matt's review on Youtube. Awesome!!!

Good USA battery stores:

Make sure you get the button tops.

I received my GT4 yesterday from Neilsgadgets. And I also received my order from Matt, who recommended some batteries for it in his review ( Light is awesome. Can't wait to test it out later.

Doesn’t look like mine has been sent out yet

Just got my tracking number.