Lumintop GT4

Any news?

Complete silence on my end.

I almost forgot about this thing, have to post something just to have some new reference to this project.

We also have the somewhat new SST-70 emitter. It’s about the size of a xhp35-hd, but in a 5x5 footprint, 6v and capable of over 4000 lumen at 8A.

Luminus has been hitting homerun after homerun with their new LEDs. Come-on CREE!!!its time once again to step up to the plate.

BTW,anyone know where to purchase this new SST-70?

Nope, Djozz got a sample from a flashlight company.

Have a look at the haikelite ht70 4x times sst70

Come on Lumintop! Bring on the the GT4 and take our money.

The longer LT remains silent on this project, the more I believe it’s not gonna happen. This light was introduced to us on this forum 11 months ago with very very little information provided since. Maybe they feel it’s not as revolutionary as the GT was now that several other manufacturers have produced similar monsters, therefore thinking the profit margin will not be worth the effort. ?

If they wanted to keep people excited and interested in this light, they should have been feeding us a little something every once in a while. As it stands, Im pretty much turned off from it due to their lack of communication.

Yeah it seems this light is dragging on and on… i mean imalent already is the lumen king for now ? so this light even bigger and more heavy then any other light with tons of lumens i dont think is gonna sell much, also if this light wont come with batteries included like the other big lights have an included battery tube like it or not its convenient atleast. It would be fun see this light come out tho since not many lights today focus on good passive cooling… im not so much having a light that sounds like a damn hairdryier when its running on max mode…

yae u lose kinda interest and those that want buy it, same thing happend with astrolux mf03 it looked interesting at first like this but then not much happend after…… i mean wait years for a light to come out? cant expect many potential buyers are left by the time and if it comes out…

i think they focus on the fw3a all models i think they make good earnings on this light and its so compact and light.

I think they should put there at least 7x XHP, one in the center with bigger and deeper reflector for more throw, and 6 around for lumens.

But seriously, who os gonna buy these lights?

It looks awesome, but probably it will be too expensive for a small company when the demand for these lights is low.
Businesswise, an FW3A is far more atractive for Lumintop.

actually whats the point then? acebeam did that with their x70 and it wasnt the most ideal thing to do. then u might aswell just use it a blf gt for maximum throw imo…

I disagree that the GT4 is obsolete, and for the reasons already mentioned: no active cooling implies that the construction is simple and noiseless and the light can stand some abuse (make a custom lens out of polycarbonate and you can almost throw it around), only 4 emitters implies relatively large reflectors so medium throw instead of total flood which makes it more versatile, 25Klumen for an hour (?) without any stepdown.

I try to get an update

Simple to operate and fix if need be… parts should be easy to get thru Lumintop

I figure it is on the back burner, they seem to be focusing on other projects over this one. Can’t blame them too much but do wish they would at least give me an update.

Too bad since the light really is quite nice, sure it may not be revolutionary now as it would of been 3 years ago but it is still a really fun light with.

I have considered a version with more LED’s along with a whole new Idea I have not seen anyone do yet but they won’t even give me an update on this one, so I have not been able to talk to them about another version.

Keep them ideas coming T/A :smiley: :+1:

They might also be afraid put this in production and only sell at most what… a few hundred lights if even that? I think they want sell alot more like the fw3a for it being worth all the bother… i dont know it could be a reason they dont imagine this one selling that much even here on blf… but atleast give an update yeah… would be fun see this light perform good passive cooling… cant think of any other light this size doing a good job on that more then a few minutes at most…

Now a quad SBT90.2 light, that would be something that doesn't exist, least I think, and I would think could attract interest. Pricey - yes, but unique, and possibly the smallest big extreme thrower around? Could be, least for the price. Maybe adds $75-$90 to the cost in LED's alone and would need a 4P battery carrier, hopefully can take two.