Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 vs Convoy T2

Just bought gen2 Convoy T2, AA and 14500 cells supported and confirmed by Simon that this one is PWM free.

Convoy T2 gen2

T2 new driver

thanks for sharing updated facts
sounds great, congrats

what features make you choose the convoy over the tool?

Thx Jonathan.

I read on several places that it has better beam than Tool and a lot of option to mod with different drivers and batteries.

Hum, having both, under a modder perspective, I would say that the pros of the Tool AA are:

- less weight

- smaller in length,

  • smaller in diameter
    In resume, more elegant and more EDC’able.

The pros of the Convoy T2 (old version):

- more robust,

- takes 17mm drivers

- takes 14mm or slightly larger MCPCBs

- can take screw-in clips

- can take forward clicky swithces more easily.

  • has a shelf, which is better for heat dissipation
    In resume, more moddable, and a true “beat me” flashlight.

In terms of user interface, I didn’t like any of both, so I replaced the drivers and also the Leds.

While stock, the T2 had better beam than the Tool AA, due to the led used and the OP reflector.

As for the T2 with the new driver, I can’t speak about it!

Here’s a physical comparison:
Sofirn SF10 > Sofirn SF14 > Convoy T2 > Jaxman E3 > Lumintop Tool AA

sounds like
For a modder, Convoy

For a non modder, Tool

very helpful, as always

Thanks Jon :wink:

Well, about which one is better, it truly depends!

It will decompose it in several dimmensions:

1) If you want a brighter flahslight, you’ll choose the Tool AA.
BUT, for it to be brighter, you need to use 14500 batteries.
BUT using 14500s will make the light heat faster.
SO, having a thinner pill/body, the Tool AA will probably hang on less time and will eventually become hotter than the T2.
In this case, it should also be considered that the flahslight doesn’t have DTP MCPCB, only a 1mm aluminium pill, less ideal for heat dissipation.

On the contrary, if you want a flashlight that can probably handle somemore heat for some more time, the T2 may be the route.

2) If you want a more elegant, leightweight and discrete flashligt, you’ll choose the Tool AA.

3) If you want a “Strobe-less” flashlight, you will chose the new Convoy T2.

4) If you want a flashlight capable of falling and taking some beat and still be working in a reliable way, you’ll choose the Convoy T2.

5) If you want a flashlight capable of deep carry, you probably choose the T2 (and a screw-in clip and some bolts and screws :D)

6) If you a want a flashlight that you can fix more easily, you’ll choose a T2.

7) If you want a light with more Leds choice, you’ll pick the T2.

8) If you want a flashlight in different colours or materials, you will chose a Tool AA

So…there may be some ifs when saying which is bettter or not :wink:
It will depend on the use!

I’ll tell you that in the beginning of the year I set my EDC and it included 2 Tool AAs (modded), and they work flawlessly!
But now I am thinking about modding a T2 or a Jaxman E2 for more robutness, specially because I use 14500s and the Tools get hot!

So, chosing will depend on the needs and uses :wink:

You guys should throw the Lumintop Vega into the mix as well;

80cri with Good build quality and more beef than regular AA Tool
Best part is you will be carrying a flashlight most people do not even know about due to being Drop exclusive.
Have the Olive one and love it.

my personal preference is the Copper option of the Tool

others may enjoy the Titanium options

which is best?
for whom?

the short answer, Both is Best

The olive one is stuck in my memory since it was relased :wink:

I never bought one because I knew I would be trying to mod it, but the e-switch would eventually interfere with my “needs”.

It is shorter and more attractive than the regular ones , and surely the 80CRI is a plus when getting it :wink:

As for the copper and titanium ones…I hope I can still manage funds to grab one of each in some time :wink:

They surely worth it :blush:

let me help you save money:


discount code MF48347

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also Tools here

The AA Vega is not a e-switch, that was a mistake in the description when released.
Regular reverse clicky.

Seems like you’ve said it to me before but I forgot :person_facepalming:

So…that opens some possibilites :smiling_imp:
Thanks for confirming!!!

I agree with this guy. Only on NiMh though. On Li-Ion low is too high and mid is too close to high. Very nice on NiMh.

I noticed that Simon is now offering LH351D’s for the T2, which kind of piqued my interest.

Has anyone gotten their hands on one yet?

I’ve just ordered a new-model T2 with a 5000K LH351D, but it’ll be at least three weeks before I see it.

I already have a new-model T2 with a 4000K Nichia 219C, which I like the mode spacing and beam profile of, but 4000K is a bit warm for my taste. It’s still good enough to be my current belt EDC, though.

My belt EDC before that was a Tool AA with 4500K Nichia 219B for about six months. It’s a good light, but I like the T2 design better. I prefer the T2’s notably tighter focus, the better mode spacing and the fact that it’s built like a tank, although the Tool’s 4500K LED is more to my taste visually.

Before the Tool, my belt EDC was a BLF 348. I used that one for years. I still carry one around the house with me on my pyjama waistband :slight_smile:

I do have an old-model T2 with a 4500K XP-G2, but it’s never seen service because the PWM is horrible. It’s the one light I have where I can actually see the PWM, so I’m keeping it as my bad PWM example!

I might spring for one in LH351D - I already have an Osram C8+ in cart anyway.

Will comment about my testing only for the samples I have with me…

Old Convoy T2 uses PWM on lower modes (and it may be visible to some people), on AA NiMh and 14500 battery (14500 battery not officially supported though, says Convoy)

From my test, the new Convoy T2 does NOT use PWM on all levels, when using AA NiMh.
when using 14500 battery, it does not use PWM on the lowest level, but I detect some kind of ‘fast PWM’ (I don’t have advanced instrument to check PWM — I use “shine light through a small portable fan blade and look very closely at signs of PWM — there is a pattern). In the case of the new T2 with 14500, the 2nd and 3rd level will have ‘fast PWM’ probably not visible to people’s eyes (I need to look very closely to look for it).

For the Tool AA 2.0 (I tested one with XPL-HD and another that came with XP-L2), I think my version of Tool AA 2.0 is from late last year, when they had both XPL-HD and XP-L2 versions of the Tool AA 2.0 (ordered at the same time, but the gray Tool AA 2.0 came with XPL-HD while the black Tool AA 2.0 came with XP-L2). These do not have the ‘lighted’ tailcap yet.

From my testing of these 2 units of Tool AA 2.0, when using AA NiMh, only highest level has No PWM, while lower levels have ‘fast PWM’.
when using 14500 batteries, I can detect ‘fast PWM’ on all levels, including highest level.
(using the ‘shine light through small fan blades’ method)

Anyone done current test on new version?

I’m curious how much current it draws from 14500 and nimh batteries.

Also haven’t found actual lumen ratings since this light had limited reviews.

> lumen ratings

Zeroair has AA Tool current and output data

I use Eneloop
I dont keep the stock Low CRI LED:

I give up lumens quantity

and gain CRI quality
and I still have enough lumens

There’s a lot of reviews for the tool AA but not with the new T2.

I got curious with the actual data since it performed well for me. Using it with 14500 and that 10% is enough for indoor use. 35% and 100% when outside. I only use nimh when I have to use it for more than 30mins outside. 100% all the way. Lol

I just find the other nimh modes too dim for outdoor use maybe because of the 4000k tint.

Anyway, I hope someone would post a review on YT or here in the forum soon.