Lumintop worm mod?

Hs anybody opened up a lumintop worm? I have one that has been my EDC for a while now which I’m just thrilled with. Great heft, amazing finish, good output and runtime and no parasitic drain. The SS has an amazing finish. Only thing I don’t like is the ultra cool white xpg emitter. Would love to swap with something either warmer and/or higher cri… I can see some pin holes on the driver board but have also heard these heads are potted…

Not the Worm, but the updated version: Lumintop EDC01. I simply put my mini needlenose pliers in those holes and threaded the driver out. I don’t think there was any glue. Then unsolder the MCPCB and reflow a new emitter. I used a 4000K Luxeon V2 in mine. Good luck!

gchart, you are right on. I used my needle-tip tweezers and the entire pill came out of the head no problem. Can’t say for sure but it looks like the internals/driver is potted. the XPG2 is nicely exposed on the business end; looks to be mounted on an 8mm aluminum PCB. I wonder if there would be any issues by using a slightly thicker copper or DTP type pcb…

I believe XPG2/219/sst20 all are 3535 footprints and utilize the same or close enough reflector insulator/spacer to interchange, correct?

A slightly thicker MCPCB shouldn’t be necessary, but should work just fine. The pill will screw in just a little bit less than usual, resulting in a tiny gap between the head and tail sections (additional gap equal to the extra height of the new MCPCB).

You’re right about those LEDs, they sound work fine. Some others, such as the XP-L, have a larger dome and likely won’t nest into the optic properly without drilling it out (not something I’d really recommend unless you had to).

Do you have any “White Flat” LEDs lying around? Since I saw MascaratumB’s post HERE earlier today, I’ve been trying to goad people into putting one in a single emitter TIR. It’s a 3030 footprint, but led4power, who sells them, says that it can work on XP footprint PCB. :partying_face:

EDIT: Never mind. I just looked it up, and saw that it’s a small reflector, not TIR. Still might be cool, but probably a waste of a perfectly good White Flat emitter.

Oh David, I am the kinda guy to do things just because I can. I do have two “spare” White Flats just sitting around. But the Lumintop EDC01 optic is a very floody pebbled one. The recent “free” Olight AAA is a nice optic, but very floody as well. I forget, isn’t the Sofirn C01S relatively throwy for a AAA optic? Maybe I should order one of the H-L versions that we need to burn thru and try a White Flat in it :smiling_imp:

I think the reason for the Olight i3e being so floody is that they have a (relatively HUGE!) XP-G2 in it. If you put a White Flat in it, you’d probably have almost a pencil beam. If you don’t do it, maybe I will. I have the “free” Olight i3e and an old (also XP-G2) DQG Hobi to choose from, and a White Flat that I bought a while back, sitting around, waiting to be used. :innocent:

DO IT :wink:

You have TWO spare White Flats, while I only have one. That means YOU should do it twice as much as I should! :smiling_imp: