Luminus SFT40 test

I use the Sony A6500 with a Sigma 16mm f1.4 lens. It’s one of the best low light lenses available. Matt Gill (Flashaholic) uses the same lens with his A6300 or 400, can’t remember.

You think sft40 will be available again soon? And in 4000k or 5000k? I was considerning a Convoy S11 with sft40. But if it is going to delay too long, might as well just get it in CULPM1.

What happened to the SFT-40 led I cant find it in stock anywhere

It’s in very high demand and sells out very quickly

This would have simplified the GT back when it was made? 3v with all that room for batteries and heat disipation and a simple driver

Had this same thought the other day. In time I’m sure somebody will do this mod.

Same setup for the GT SBT90.2 upgrade, and same issue of not being able to re-use the big stock MCPCB (3535 to 5050). Carriers can get converted, driver swap, then the MCPCB/centering piece issues.

I don't own a gt, wish I did though.. someday.

It's too bad a 5050 mcpcb was never made.. the sft40 would be a GREAT one for it. But the sbt90.2 driver couldn't be used, could it? That's the only 3v driver for the gt right?

where's my beamshots, JaredM ! Hah ;)

Yes, the SBT90.2 driver could be used. Pretty sure it's a standard size driver, same size as the Q8 driver - not certain but think so. I'm really in a good position to try it - got everything needed. Only tricky thing is the 5050 alignment/focus issues.

Artie T59 - If I build it, will you buy it?

I got a couple 32 mm 5050 MCPCB's that should work fine in this light. The black centering piece just has to be shaved open a bit more. The driver has no FET right now, but will install a good SIRA20DP, running Anduril 2.

Price will be a good discounted one. Of course if it turns out a bust, don't worry about buying it. I got the modded carriers already.

So, whatd'ya think?

Ok - wasn't as difficult as I thought with the right tool:

Now it's about a perfect 5050 centering piece, better than the stock one was for a 3535. I had 3 XHP35-HI's I swapped out, and 2 of the 3 centering pieces had holes right between 5050 and 3535 - real sloppy for the XHP35-HI's. Might be because they were from the early, early batch.

OH HELL YA, Definitely Tom! I will PM you!

I don't know about going from xhp35 HI to sft40, but xpl-hi to sft40 and even more so CULPM1 to sft40, i notice that the sft40 is larger (especially than other 4040 footprint emitters), and that the centering rings need to be adjusted / made larger to fit the sft40. Sounds like that fact worked out perfectly in this case :))

Would 4 or even 8 18650’s in parallel not be too much for the SFT40?

Maybe, yes, needs to be checked. I'll probably use 35E's since I got a lot of them, but still from previous testing, the 35E's do almost as good as 30Q's in many cases. Suppose the limit is about 10 amps - don't want to exceed that. Unfortunately, all my carriers are modded for max amps for the SBT90.2's, so maybe need to take off the bypasses, and of course, use thin LED wires. Will have to find a way of measuring the amps from the carrier as well - not sure I've done that before.

Modded carrier, I've posted details before I assume:

I have been seeing more and more batteires like this on 18650batterystore recently, Tom.

I wonder if they would help in this situation? a 6amp battery. Also, i believe Samsung has a 5amp 18650 too.

BatteryMooch has been testing BAK by the way - New Chinese manufacturer that has been testing well in the 1-2 he has done so far!

yup, not in stock, but here it is

Half BAK'ed amps, interesting... Yea, they would probably work, as long as the resistance is as high as the rated discharge amps is low. There's even a spec sheet for them.

The 32E would probably be ok as well - I know I got a couple, not sure how many.

BAK batteries are very good for the price and usually have more than the rated capacity. I pass by their factory on the way to the beach.