LZZ-06 mod#2: XM-L2 T6 3C, BLF-tiny12 driver+FET, Efest 10440 V2 ***27 lumen/gram !!***

Wow! incredible mod.

Are those tiny 10mm and 12mm driver boards still available?

Ceramic capacitors aren't polarized.

RMM: thanks! I know you are a professional modder, but for others who want to mod tiny lights some of my beliefs: apart from the driver, the key to succes I believe is pay attention to every electrical connection (I used this particular light in these mods because of the lack of switch, and because it seems to have a low resistance spring), and taking very good care of the mounting of the led board: both the board and the surface must be really flat (shiny is not necessary, flat is way more important than a highly polished finish, but there will always be believers...), with very little Arctic Silver in between. Also I suspect that sometimes too little solder is used for the thermal pad of the led, making the contact surface less than optimal.

RaceR: thanks also, as far as I know and in my own experience, the 105C has low voltage warning and subsequent shut-down.

djozz, I wouldn't consider myself a professional, I'm just a hobbyist who builds a few lights for others on the side. There are many on this board who are far more proficient an electronics, soldering, and many of the other elements that go into making these lights. I have a BS in Biology and understand basic electronics, physics, chemistry, etc., but nowhere near enough to consider myself a professional in any of these fields.

The one or two 105Cs I tested a long time ago did not have shut down (warning, yes). They could drain batteries below 2,5V.. Might be differences in firmware on the 105C for all I know...

That sounds familiar, I am a biologist too, (but with interests in almost everything that comes on my way, exept perhaps women's shoes).

I will probably find out about this one, going to do a runtime test on medium and low.

I did an output/runtime test on medium and low, I edited the OP.

RaceR, you are correct on at least the NANJG105C I used here (from Fasttech), and I guess then on all 105C's around: it has low voltage warning but no shut-down. For big batteries it is no problem: the low voltage flashing is done with a low low output that even below 3V will not easily kill your battery, but for a 10440 it does matter a lot: it goes from 2.93V to below 2V in just 10 minutes, as I just found out (but in the end the voltage will be lower than the minimum led Vf).

Rds is a moving target, it goes up with increasing current and down with increasing voltage so at 2 A it might not be far from the 70N02 at 7A but we won’t know until testing. The listing I saw showed 18mOhms at 4.5V and 20A draw for the big FET. The gate pin matches up but the drain is in the middle and source is on the left and big tab so it’s close but not quite.

The 10.5 mm and 12 mm boards are available from Oshpark and are 1.6 mm thick. I still have some of the 10.5 mm boards that are .8 mm thick.

Last weekend we made a flashaholic party
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I got this light from Jos
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Small and incredible bright.
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