[M4D deal ALIVE] Wuben E05 - shipping soon!

Picked one up. This runs fine on an Eneloop 1.2v NiMH in case it wasn’t clear otherwise. Just don’t expect tuuuuurbooooooo.

Versatile little blaster. I like it.


I had picked up one of these and gifted it to my brother today. Not before I charged the battery and played around with it for a bit of course :smiley:
It’s a really nice little light, and this is a nice complete package for a gift. Great deal!

Any chance of getting this code to work again?

that groupbuy was published by a unhonest member

Wuben found it and stopped the deal..

but there is a new code in my list ;)

:person_facepalming: … :person_facepalming: …. I know you will not do it Martin; you have to much class; but I wish the name of the guilty would be posted for all to see. :+1:

That way we could severely chastise the culprit……. :wink: