[M4D deal] FW3T Titanium Stonewashed - Interest list open

Possible Interest.

Subscribed. No money to go on this, unfortunately :zipper_mouth_face:

I want 1 FW3T stonewashed 100%.

thank you

Will buy, curious how this is the first Titanium out?

I am interested but I am concerned about the heat without it having a copper head.

Ti speaks to me! I’ll take 1!

I would like 1 stonewashed titanium.

Possible interest in a second.

I’d like to buy 1 FW3T stonewashed with SST20.

“I want 1, FW3T stonewashed 100%”

I want 1 FW3T stonewashed 100% :slight_smile:

I want 1 FW3T stonewashed 100%

Might be interested. Don’t put me down for one yet. What’s the weight difference between this and the FW3A?

I want 1 FW3T stonewashed 100%

Will the clicky also be made from titanium?

I’m interested in 1 FW3T

Edit: I’d prefer polished titanium.

How is SST20 recommended, while it’s the LED option that produces the most heat?

I want 1 piece!!! :heart_eyes:

Hopefully not.

Titanium tends to stick when it rubs with itself. Titanium switch boot would probably be awful. Better to stick with a steel boot.

This is precisely the kind of light that I would love with RGB aux LEDboard.
Emisar, you lead the way again. :slight_smile:

since there have been questions:

the polished titanium / copper will come soon

stonewashed only if demand is big enough