[M4D deal] FW3T Titanium Stonewashed - Interest list open

Interested in one with HiCRI Samsung LH351D

Surprising result. I had a lot of respect for SST-20 and now I have even more.
Note that TA has tested V2 bin while the top one from Hank is V4 and normally V3.
Also, TA lumens may be significantly different from maukka ones, either higher or lower.

Assuming TA lm = maukka lm V4 would be more efficient in FW3T Turbo. But without this assumption it’s not so sure…
I think it would be interesting to compile some direct comparisons…

Noooooo! :smiley:
Or at least make it an option.

I am interested in a FW3T stonewashed, only if FET is NOT deactivated…

Not sure we can generalize a whole lot from that since the testing was done by 2 different people. Were they both using Maukka calibrated spheres?

At the time, no.

Maukka is more precise and accurate, and usually has lower numbers than TA.

Interested in 1 FW3T Stonewashed.

Warm white (XPL-HI 7A, SST-20 3000K - whichever is available), but can emitter swap if not available.


Interested in one F3WT stonewashed.

Interested in 1 stonewashed FW3T (SST-20 4000K).

the polished + copper will be ready in a few weeks

Will there be the rainbow titanium FW3As?

interested, but more interested if there would be a stonewashed with copper head

Interested. Would buy one for sure if I could get a copper shelf separately. Yes, I’m going to get a polished/copper for sure.

I really hope we can lego all versions of this light. And get some parts separately.

I want 1 FW3T stonewashed 100%

I want 1 FW3T stonewashed 100%

Looks great. I'll go in as interested.

I'm not sure if I'll buy, though. The switch on my FW3A is still leaving me wanting.

I want 1 FW3T stonewashed 100% (SST-20 4000K)

Thank you!

Interested as welk. Though I would rather have the polished version…

I want 2 FW3T stonewashed 100%.