M4D M4X deals - Astrolux WP1 and WP2 LEP

I am confused, why would you ask him to “work” on reducing the price of a $3.59 light.

  1. these are on sale everywhere,
  2. unless you are buying 1,000 units what does it matter?

Come on and give Martin a break.

Hi M4D M4X, do you have a code for the Skilhunt DS20?

Thank you for all your work!

not now…
I will ask, but it takes some time cause of the new year…

Thanks M4D M4X, I know they are off for the holidays and will take a week or two before they get back from vacation.

Hi M4D, any chance you could get a nice discount for this cells:



Thanks :beer:
I see BG started working, there are new stuff added today :slight_smile:

I’m planning to buy some HE2 cells

I’ve found some on aliexp they cost me 4.9$ each/shipped but they are flat top and i should add a magnet for it

Is it possible to have some discount on these (they are button top, natively) so they would be more secure to me.


Just in case. If not possible thanks anyway. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the deals. Subscribed

Could you get us a sweet deal on Olight M20SX Javelot?


request : convoy 18350 host or flashlight .thanks.

is in the 1st post :wink:
from 25.2.

oups i missed it

yes i like aff:),thanks

“Thank you for shopping with us online,your order has been placed.”

G’day mate,

Need to stock up on some 18650’s, I’m thinking 8 lime green protected NRCB’s.

So…a price on 4 lots of these batteries please. (Total of 8 as they come in pairs)

PM if you like, cheers bud.

There is already working code for this panasonic cells, (aff link) 8 pcs will cost you 66.36$ (c.code is BGF182)…

P.S. many more cells with discount in, guess where… #1 post of this thread :wink:

Thanks, I wasn’t sure if the codes would still be valid

just try them... ;)

if one does not work any more tell me and i try to get it renewed!

just in case you want to use my link instead of sirius´ ... ;)

2PCS NCR 18650B protected 3400mAh

Code: BGF182 Price: $ 16,59

Hello. Could you request a code for the brass AA xp-g2 light? I lost mine and will be ordering a replacement soon if I do not find it.


This one (from the first post ;) )

Cree XP-G2 R5 5W/XM-L2 10W Brass 18650 Mini LED Flashlight (non-aff)

Code: 59fe9e Price: $ 6.69 off

sorry - you spoke about the AA Version...

its requested!

Any chance of getting the copper DTP MK-R boards (for XHP70)?

I see the bare XHP’s are available, but not the boards.