Mag 1c xm-l

I want cut down a mag 2c to 1c. That should ne easy enough at work….and I have a copper heatsink all ready made for it. I’m wondering if I can drive the xm-l off a single 18650? I will set the spring in deeper to the tail cap and still using the original spring. Maybe make a small cap/plug for the spring to battery connection. Reuse of the stock mag switch as well.

Worried about burning up the emitter.

You can run an XML in direct drive, tho a driver would be better. But dont use copper contacts all over the place, you should lower the current somewhere.

For the switch just take a piece of thick wire and place it going across the middle, the will make contact with the battery.

Did some reading last night and I think I will end up using a driver after all. I will try and get some pics as I go along. THis is an old beatup c mag.

I have an east –092 that I will fit in. I think I will have to trim down my heatsink some though.


Check out this thread I did awhile back.

I did the same thing to an old beat up 2C. It's a single xml driven off of one 18650 direct drive, along with every resistance mod I could come up with. Only thing is, the emitter is directly mounted to a big copper slug. I do have the battery recessed into the tailcap by using the stock spring cut down to fit(and wrapped with copper braid). Ditto on the switch. Bone stock save for a good treatment of DeOxit.

This particular light is my second most used light at work behind my H51. It's held up great.

Good luck with the build, and if you have any particular questions just hollar.

It was bright then started to get a little dim so I shut it off. Time to go back and add a driver.

Gonna stick in a 5 mode out of a 2100 and maybe redo the heatsink so I can make a mount for the driver underneath the emitter

I might need an xml though….we will see