Maglite 2x D cell DL serial D2G-2 LED Emitter unit

An inductor coil, 1.5 microHenry, LPS3010 from Coilcraft.

Seems both are the same emitter

Sorry about the focus , best I could do without getting involved with camera s lighting etc…

I did not measure the current between the driver board and the LED…

I did a very cursory current test with two AA cells, rolling on the table, pressing the central terminal to the battery positive, and a basic DVM in 5 amp mode doing the negative side.

Very strange results

with ammeter set at 2000mA range it gave a figure of 1500mA…, yet turn it down to the next range …200mA and it showed 15mA…
It was different reading between the ranges yet brightness was the same

Older Luxeon Rebels…

Would be a straight forward enough job to turn down a solid brass ‘pill’ the same to make a mount for conventional emitter MCPCB’s … what is the smallest? 17mm is too big … probably need 12 I think…

Ok no airflow or conduction to outside world… but a block of brass would give a bit of heat sinking.

With only limited heat sink around the LED module and no thermal path to the barrel of the light, I don’t think it would be worth it to mod it for a high powered LED. This is something Mag fixed with the 3rd gen Mags.

The Amp draws you are getting don’t seem right, they should be around an Amp. Old Lumens did Amp draws on a 2D LED Mag towards the beginning of this vid:

and Old Lumen’s vid on the third gen Mags:

Apart from me shouting at the video that the word is SOLDER ! With the letter L in it not ‘sodder’ then it was worthwhile to see.

Was hoping to see him mod the LED pill unit though