manker e11

Hi everyone, in my manker e11 the driver burned out, can someone advise where to find a replacement

you are sure it is not the AWFUL switch!>?

it may be glued in, my U11 had glued driver, making it impossible to even try to replace the AWFUL SWITCH!

Lumintop uses them in the EDC05. Maybe you could ask them. Or Manker, of course.

Always wondered how Lumi could have the drivers when Maker called the EDC05 a copy. Anyone knows the whole story?

Nice light, btw. I loved my EDC05 and gave it away just for the CW.

I just made a 14500-only 3 amp linear driver for the UT01 / E11. It’s a bit tedious though. Info here: What did you mod today? - #8989 by gchart

It is said that the Lumintop GT Micro driver is a drop in and you can ask at the Lumintop AliExpress store to get one. See here for more details: Utorch UT01 Mod BLF A6 Driver With NarsilMQ8 1500 lumen's - #16 by 80T