Marshall Hoots benifit by

Not sure where to post this… Landed in my inbox and I wanted to pass it on.

Dear All,

We are planing to make donation for Marshall W. Hoots from Going Gear this Friday, 10/6, the details from below line.

Please help to share and leave comments, also we will appreciated that if you can help to post this activity to more platforms within today to get more support for this donation.

Thank you so much again!

Best Regards,

You left out the details: tomorrow, Friday October 6, 100% of all sales on will be donated to Marshall’s family.

In related news, the M2R looks to be the best thing Olight has done in years. I was a harsh critic of the H2R’s incendiary charging system and proprietary battery, but the M2R looks to fix everything. On top of that, it has a clever UI and comes in neutral white.

Thanks, just posted it after looking at the facebook page. I should have included the date, might be a good day to pick one up.

Pretty nice offer from Olight. I can’t afford to buy a light at the moment but I feel obligated to do it for the cause. And get a light in return.

Thanks for the heads up. I posted the info in the thread on bladeforums.

I am glad to see someone posted here about this.

I saw it around 130PM (my time) and minutes later the phones and internet both went out and did not come back on until sometime in the past 1 1/2 hours while I was gone.

I hope Olight sells lots of lights tomorrow and I think it is awesome to see a big company like Olight step up and do something like this for someone’s family in a time of need.

Thanks Olight …… my prayers and best wishes go out to the family of Marshall Hoots.

Thanks olight to doing this.

Bump for a good cause.

My condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Hoots.

Did what I could, wish it could have been more.

I can’t access the store through Facebook link. Getting message below:

This site can’t provide a secure connection

* uses an unsupported protocol.

Same here. I’m using Chrome.

The facebook link worked yesterday but not today.

What a shame. The family is missing out. Maybe they will extend it tomorrow.

The facebook link works now.

Still does not work for me :frowning:

+1. I’ll buy a flashlight if they do that. I feel so bad Marshall is gone. I’ve spoken to him several years ago when I was looking to buy a Fenix TK35 which I ended up buying from him because he was so friendly and didn’t rush me off the phone. A good guy gone. What’s worse than that?

What’s crazy is that I can access the Australian Olight site, BUT not the US site from the Facebook link !

As of 4pm CST Olight had raised 35,000(usd) for Marshall’s family so far.

Just a great great thing Olight is doing for this family and I have a lot of respect for the company for being so generous in a time like this.

I went and made my purchase a little earlier today from them……hope those who can will do so before the contributions end.

EDIT: I just saw as of 1 hour ago (around 7:20 pm CST) the funds were up to $40,000 usd

I have a feeling lots of sales were lost due to inability of many to reach the website yesterday.

Could the server have been overloaded? Doubt it, but I wonder why Olight site was down all day yesterday. And still today, I just tried.

??? :wink:

did you use the Olight link ……… .

or the Olight link?..………

The Olight STORE link is the one to use and it worked for me just fine yesterday and still does this morning.