Massive fraud on 18650s in the Littokala Aliexpress stores!

Hmm, there’s;

4 for 12.55 eur

4 for 9.22 eur

One of them looks more official than the other…

These batteries may be a good price, but it appears I would have to pay over US$22 for postage to Australia for just a few.
I would have to buy in bulk to make this deal worthwhile.
I don’t know why, because the other Chinese websites like Banggood and Gearbest only charge a few dollars postage, however the batteries are a bit more expensive. Flashlights, chargers etc are usually free postage.
Did you guys have to pay much postage to Europe or USA?

It was quoting me ~2 USD of postage to Spain/España.

I purchased a 4 pack of 30q’s from the Liitokala Factory Store. What is the best way to test if they are legit when they arrive?

Each time they re-enable shipping to Brazil the cost is raised, at the current cost it’s not a viable purchase :frowning:

Perhaps you can get a small group buy going for Australians, whereby one of you would buy them and re-distribute to the others.

Good idea DavidEF, but postage within Australia starts at about US$7.50 for a small parcel.
So we would have to be talking about a reasonable amount of batteries to make this viable to post to all the people.
I have just placed an order for 8-Samsung 18650 30Q in plastic cases (2x4) from Banggood for about US$41 including postage, which I think is a bargain. I used the code provided in the Banggood specials and coupons post, and by buying 2 packs of 4, reduced the postage to about a dollar.

Honestly the best way will be to ask yourself 6 months from now …” Why the hell didn’t I buy more when I had the chance .”

Use the Time Machine I gave you .

Ludicrous pricing there, isn't it?

Cheers :-)

For 10 samsung 25r batteries I can get 8 of them with the same price from, so probably going to buy my batteries from there. Also the shipping is faster and I think it would be more trouble free.

First, check the physical characteristics of the can, wrapping, code, and contacts. You can search to see what they should be, or compare them against a known legit cell.

Then, check the capacity (should be around 2900mAh). Then charge it up and make sure it holds voltage with a drop of no more than 0.002v per day (after the first day).

Then, make sure it’s high drain. If you have a BLF Q8, you can run it off a single cell. Even a flat top will work in the Q8, but be careful when tightening. You should get about 2500 lumen output from a single 30Q. Or at least try it in another high-drain light to make sure it behaves as expected.

After all that, it could still be fake. But, there are more expensive cells than a 30Q to fake, so it’s unlikely a 30Q fake would be so “good” as to pass the above tests.

Thank you for the heads up. Ordered 6 piece 30q

Ordered 2x Liitokala 26650 and 4x LG HG2 last night from the “factory store.” I’d intended to order from the “official store,” which I’ve bought from before. Probably exactly the same operation though. I guess I’ll see what I get in a few weeks.

I’ve ordered from Liitokala a few times with no problems, and I just ordered 6x 30Qs. But my last order from them was placed in early January and still hasn’t arrived. I’m hoping this order arrives in a more timely manner. If it doesn’t, I’m done with them.

I would love to hear delivery time reports on these amazing 18650 deals.

Only thing keeping me from ordering from Ali is the shipping. I don’t know if it’s the individual stores or what but, every time I order something through them it takes forever. I ordered a few things for the wife and two flashlights from a well known brand name official store on Ali back in March. Still have yet to see anything arrive and they keep extending protection for both sets of merchandise. It will be 3 months before any of it hits my door. With GB or BG it’s always been 2 to 3 weeks, 4 weeks tops, and thats not very often. If it’s longer it’s because of the shipping date which I know of before I purchase.

Hope you all get your cells in a timely fashion and that they are genuine. I’m sure they will be. Liitokala wouldn’t be in business very long passing off junk cells.

looks like the internal resistance numbers are different in the specs so maybe they are just culling cells before making battery packs and don’t want to use a battery that they consider out of spec for their application . I saw one listing say 80 and another say 50 internal resistance . Like toddschoe says I doubt they are selling fakes or junk cells Liitokalas too big at this point for that and it’s too easy to make a new shop and sell trash from an account or company you’re willing to burn down .

Just bumping this… There are two stores named Liitokala, one is quite official looking, but the other called “Liitokala Official” uses a 0 in the word “official” and doesn’t look very official…

All those saying they’ve bought from Liitokala before with no problems, did you buy from the “Liitokala 0fficial” store or the “Liitokala” store?

About 6 months ago I purchased LG M26’s and Samsung 30q’s from the store I linked to in post #8, which has a different store number than both you have linked to. The batteries tested OK in my lii-500 when I got them, and I’ve had no problems with the 2 or 3 them I’ve used. Shipping was fast, and while the tracking number said the package was shipped from China the box I received had a California return address which made me think they ship in bulk to the US then split the batteries up into smaller packages.

I think I found 6 Liitokala stores without trying very hard last time I looked.

My previous (satisfactory) orders were from the “Liitokala Official Flagship” store (133859). My January order was from the 0fficial store (217753). I think I’ll be avoiding them in the future.

4-packs a precio de derribo ($3.3425/piece or €2.875/piece).

Cheers ^:)