Match's Mods: 3xXML MagMod - The RogueFlare

You are a Lumen God!

Coincidentally looks jut like a "gentleman" lightsaber.

Q: What's the difference between a gentleman's lightsaber and a tactical lightsaber?

A: Either one can slice your opponent in half in under a second, but the tactical lightsaber's spectacular appearance will instill the fear of the force into your opponent's soul just before they are sliced in half... if used properly.

Tactical one is black. :P Ask Trustfire and FandyFire manufacturers.


Nice mod!!!

Hows the qtc working out for brightness control?

Do you like it better than the 3 mode switch?

How many amps are you pulling with that set up 9 Amps?

That's my next mod 3 xm-ls.

thanks for the review!!!!

Mixed results. After playing with them on a few lights now, I'm having a hard time getting perfect consistancy out of them. What I mean is, I'd love to engrave the head with marks for 0%, 50%, and 100%, but it seems to change the next time it's rotated. Like any mechanical system, I think it may be due to minute play in how the qtc cup is mounted. I'm going to re-address that and see if it tightens up. The problem is travel distance between relaxed and fully compressed is very short. Also, even at full compression I did notice a slight loss of lumens. But, that's why we experiment.

Yes and no...again, for the above reasons.

Since the emitters are in series, the total current is ~3.3A. If I can get away with it, I'd rather run multi-emitter setups in series to ensure proper load sharing. In parallel, even after matching emitter vf, it's hard to keep them balanced. Besides, the stock switch should last a long long time at the lower draw.

Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed it.

Im very impressed

Great and impressive work as usual, Match! It's to a not so little part your fault that I am not able to lose my interest in flashlights.

For the name: It's quite an understatement of course but the silhouette reminds me of a Matchstick

Since your 6x is charmingly nicknamed the "Holy Shit", this would could be nicknamed the "Little Shit".

Sexy as usual..Nice clean design.Since it;s red and looking at the baton I thought of a road flare ..Or a rogue flare .

very nice, you have used 35mm copper bar grinded to 34.3-34.4mm?

Name changed...Thanks Boaz!

[quote= moviles2]

very nice, you have used 35mm copper bar grinded to 34.3-34.4mm?


Not exactly. I had a solid plate of copper that I used a 1.5" hole saw on to cut out the slug, Then lathe turned it down to the proper diameter.