Maxtoch M1 Archer NOW AVAILABLE/// Totally Dedomed SST 40 /// Full Review

Look again. 30 minutes on high discharges the battery, a lot. By 41m the low voltage protection has kicked in.

I made room for this last night by giving my Shooter 2X with sliced and diced SST-40 to my nephew. Now there’s an empty space that needs filling. Gotta love it when a plan comes together… :smiley:

Oh, and as it so happens I have a lone LED4Power driver sitting around waiting for a home that is just coincidentally a 9A variant. Man it don’t get no better than that! lol

(tangent, sorry) so a chemical dedome of the SST-40 is possible; I wonder what the secret sauce is…

Has anyone ever tried xylene on either SST-x0 or Cree domes?

Edit: apparently it’s very similar to toluene which I know has been used successfully on Cree emitters. Maybe worth a try.

162kcd and 1,550 lumens is very impressive considering it’s about the size of a D1S and GTMini. Do you know the price and when it will be available?

Kawi has tried just about everything, from Toluene to racing fuel and a lot in between. He’s killed probably 20 or 30 emitters. }P

Unlikely, but Maxtoch isn’t big enough to be able to special order a batch without domes, are they? Would a manufacturer such as Luminus even entertain such a request?

Maxtoch is big, a military and police supplier. They ARE actually de-doming these themselves, the evidence is there on the emitter. They have done so on the Shooter before.

Maxtoch may be a lot bigger than your are thinking. They do large military and police orders all the time.

They have done all their own dedomes on the shooter 2X and M24 lights in house.

Not a small company by any means , just not a big name as far as the general public such as Thrunite , Olight , Fenix and such.

Looks like Dale was quicker on the draw than me again too…….lol

:THUMBS-UP: roger that

The moon seemed to be waning last night so I fed it to help it burst through the clouds…


XSword to the rescue!

Pretty cool picture there

The M1 is now available for purchase on the Aliexpress site for those who may be interested in buying one of these lights……….

Also updated in OP.

Dedomed over 10 of them since they came out , with (hot) Nitro Paint Thinner .

Even 2 members from this forum have some on their lights installed from me :slight_smile:

I remember hearing you guys talk about Nitro, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything labeled that on this side of the pond. What’s the chemical make of that? Is it Toluene?

Yes .

Mine has written on it :

Contains : Toluene / Hydrocarbons c9-c16

Say Robo, have you got your paws on that M2 yet, looks very promising to me with the side switch being one big difference and I don’t think it’s dedomed but with all the new tech stuff around here lately the side switch would be my choice right now,
I just saw that M2 last night and almost pulled the trigger on both just to compare but wondering if you’ve had a chance to look that M2 over yet. Big switch…

No I haven’t seen the M2 in person. I am not sure if they will be sending me one or not at this time. I like the side switch and the fact that it has the 2 mode groups with the ramping though. You are right that it is not dedomed.

i look at runtime test and do not understand how it does not overheat?