Meeting spec; not fading away -- rewarding light manufacturers

OK, this was suggested in the Q8 thread (by me, initially)
SB will support a post in the left sidebar above the “poll” square to commend manufacturers that actually did meet spec, didn’t have quality fade — made the people who dealt with them happy.

You know who you are. Here’s a thread to collect the success stories.
Pointers to the responses in other threads would be a good way to collect the informationl.

Thanks for doing this hank. Let’s hope it’s a successful way to show real appreciation to the high quality manufacturers and motivate others to do better.


Please post something — links to your posts at BLF over the past if you did — about your interaction specifying the light you asked to be built, and how that process worked through.
This isn’t for a popular-light conversation, it’s meant for comments from those who’ve challenged Chinese builders to make a light to their specifications.
Which manufacturers took you seriously, did what you asked — post links to the places you’ve discussed working with them and how it went.

Hmm having problems with a brand as a whole. Would keep it at specific flashlights.
But it is cool nevertheless so here goes
Convoy (L6, S series, C8)
Thorfire (C8(s), S70(s))

Convoy, the forum is riddled with topics of Simon listening to us, and working with prominent BLFers (L6, clear C8/S2, tan S2, Biscotti)
Even if a Convoy light not bought at Simon has an issue, Simon will fix it.

Thorfire, well Q8 of course but also listening to bring the white translucent switch cover back on the S70, replacing faulty lights, adding a lower mode, waiting longer for stepdown and adjusting the brightness of the side switch led based on Tom and mine advice on the S70S.

So far, my “not so good” experiences were solved:

Sofirn SP10 (bought at Sofirn store in AliExpress, solved by Sofirn store there and with the attention of Tracy (Sofirn) here )
Problem: Sofirn SF10 and SF12 review - #18 by khas
Solution: Sofirn SF10 and SF12 review - #29 by MascaratumB

Zanflare F1 (bought at Gearbest, solved by Gearbest member here at the forum)
Problem: Has anyone opened a Zanflare F1? [OPENED - Pictures]
Solution: Has anyone opened a Zanflare F1? [OPENED - Pictures] - #23 by MascaratumB (end of the post)

Faulty Biscotti driver from Convoy store at AliExpress (Bought in Convoy store, solved by Convoy store - Simon)
Problem: S2+ - #10 by MascaratumB
Solution: a new driver was sent to me in perfect conditions!!

Thanks a lot Hank for the great idea!

Thanks Miller and the others who have worked out group buy deals for specifically designed flashlights
— you know who you are, speak up because many people don’t know what kind of continued work it took to get it right.
How did that all happen? How did you pursue getting it done right, and where did you succeed?
And which flashlight makers have been paying attention to doing quality assurance and quality control over the longer term, to build your designs?

Here’s a candidate to consider as experience accumulates
(I’m noting this as just one of many examples where BLF people have contributed to design/redesign of a flashlight — please note your own)

where J-Dub74 wrote in December 2015:

Yes unclear, this is for a hall of fame right?

Isn’t just good quality, honest advertising and decent after sales enough to make it to a hall of fame?

Oh BTW Maxtoch should also be named here, ask Robo about it :wink:

This is for BLF members who came up with specifications for a flashlight, and got good results cooperating with a manufacturer.

Add: manufacturers who kept the quality up over time instead of having the quality slowly fading to worse as has happened in the past.
And, I hope, to attract those BLF members who did that chore successfully to brag on themselves and praise the people who did right by them.
And us, of course.
Add: MTBR members too, who’ve specified bike lights they wanted, if they had successes to praise.

> ask Robo about it
Ask Robo to post links to wherever that success was documented, or to write it up here, since you know what to ask for

I can’t go ’round to folks I don’t know saying “I hear you have a QA/QC story to tell, please come tell it”

Hank, seeing this, I’m sorry for my previous answer above! My thoughts about the thread were more in the direction of what The Miller said: “good quality, honest advertising and decent after sales”!

To make the thread cleaner, and not to drive other members to do the same I did, if you want I can delete my previous post, no problem with that :wink:

Yes, you certainly can ask them, and most will hopefully be pleased to share.

Only the person making a post can delete it, MascaratumB. There’s a button on your screen next to the “Edit” button.
I’m not in charge here. You know, one percent inspiration, my work is done (grin). Those who contributed the 99 percent perspiration, here’s to you.

another discussion of quality fading over time:

which points to this study of one industry: gold-plating brass jewelry: