Minor deity seeking employment

Yah, and I think you spell it differently, too. That extra ‘u’, like in “colour”, “honour”… “paunts”.

Not sexism, more likely just a troll playing straw man to see who takes the bait. Just a few posts and it's this stuff? Let's let management deal with it, no direct responses needed. Merry Christmas all.

@pony What makes you think so, that most women are unintelligent (and forgive me if I am wrong to infer this from the way you stated your opinion, not simply unintelligent but specifically less intelligent than men)? How do you know it’s “the” reality?

I genuinely want to listen to your reasoning, how you come to that conclusion.

Anyone is better at social interaction than a person who spouts this rubbish.
Please do not take that as an insult, I mean you can’t help it, you are a male <—— your reasoning not mine.

Cheers David

@pony: It's not obvious.

First, I'm not so sure that "very few" women are involved in science. You can have a look here or here (external links). It's true that women are under-represented (a fancy way of saying less than half I suppose), but there're still quite a lot of women in science. Do you have any reason to think those statistics are fake/mistaken?

Second, if you give Roger Federer a table-tennis racket and make him play proper tennis against me (I'm mediocre) with a tennis racket, I don't think he can even play, let alone win. I'm even less sure that you can conclude I am the better tennis player. If societies restrict women's access to higher education (which many still do), then, isn't it obvious that women in those societies don't show up at jobs requiring higher education through no fault of theirs?

Third, why are you inclined to believe most women are unintelligent? Would you rather not listen to what a woman has to say because, well, she's just too likely to be unintelligent? Why not listen first, then make the judgement on each individual without passing a single judgement on the whole group?

Say, today you meet a woman. Normally you'd walk away. Today you're feeling weird and decides to listen. She turns out to be, say, quite smart: she knows how to light up a conversation, or dim it down if she so chooses. You wouldn't have know any of those awesomeness if you walked away based on a pre-conceived notion that women are unintelligent and not worth listening to. So, why keep that notion, that prejudice in your mind at all?

Last, I agree with you on one thing, aggression only makes things worse.

<—— seeking shelter

Already found it DB, want a coffee

Can someone bring popcorn.

Cheers David

Desperately need coffee, afraid I’ll miss the show if I step out… guess I could go ahead and get my coffee going and throw some popcorn in the microwave, probably don’t want to be close when the s hits the f.

Shutting my comp down to avoid residual… don’t want to miss the GT over the black hole that’s imminent.

hmm… he joins just before Christmas and spends his holiday trolling. No wife and kids, ey? Here’s a bit of clarity… There are a lot of us men with a wife and daughter that you would be wise to not anger. Since all us men hold the power, as you believe.

Holy crap!!! That explains so much. I was suspicious about all those smart “guys”. Thank you for conveying some goddess wisdom and and I hope your search goes well.

It’s a prejudice whether you’re acting on it or not. Anything reflected OUT of you affect anything you’re interacted with. Like those sexism comments you just made.
Normally, men evolved for better physical activities, and this attribute makes most of the reasons why men do more physical things - not smarter than women. Evolved for better physical attributes also means slightly less portion for the brain, women is the other way around.
That, if you ever agree with Evolution Theory. If not, just stop right there.
My personal experiences showed that IF being equal in education and opportunities, women are generally smarter than men.

- Clemence

Move along, nothing to see here. Doesn’t matter if troll or true believer; this path leads nowhere good.

At least we’ve established that I’m a grill… and I’m hungry, so I’m’n’a go BBQ myself some breakfast. And then, er, maybe someone could help me figure out that silent ‘k’ in ‘pants’? I’m sick of stubbing my toe on that.

Okay grill, let’s put some charcoal on that girl, will ya?

You go, grill!

That always reminds me to Richard Kiel

He was the OG (Original Grillmaster)…

My apologies for derailing the topick of pankts.

I’m so sorry to hear that, I consider you one of the most respected and technically minded BLFers :slight_smile:
But his kind of scum is still far too common and we need to do more about it :person_facepalming:

Your a very sick man :person_facepalming:

Skip to 10:00. :smiley:

Then watch the whole thing.