[MOD] Astrolux MF02 NarsilM XHP 70.2 280kcd @8A 14V

I would love to see what a good slice dedomed would do. Should see at least a 50% increase in lux.

Can you take beamshots? Original XHP35, this 70.2 mod, and sliced 70.2? :smiley:

So I’m not up on you guys’ latest work on buck drivers. How much power can you send with a 4s setup? And what is the efficiency of the above driver?

Nice mod lexel !

I would be interested to see a rutime graph , 2s2p with dd driver VS 4s with this buck driver .

The 4S goes into DD if needed
losses in all conductors are reduced

if we would say a DD light has 50mOhms total resistance 16A 12.5W loss
added Buck parts resistance to 100mOhms 6.4W losses when it gets in DD

I have no unmodded XHP35 to compare right now but working to get one

What about when it is switching to reduce the output voltage? Say I have a 4s battery with a 9V emitter. What is the max current that could be sent to the emitter before burning up the driver components?

8A is the max current I would go, basically the power loss on the driver should stay at about 4W

9V Emitter has the advantage to be in full regulation till the cells hit LVP

What about 3s battery with 6V XHP70.2. What is the max current it could send to the emitter? Could it do 12A? Sorry if that is a dumb question but I’m not as familiar with buck drivers.

Very creative Lexel. Love your work. :+1:

8A is pretty much the limit, above that current the power loss on the shunt gets an issue, as well as the FET at
The Buck chip uses a special method to detect the current that is differential measuring the inductor ripple as well

I could get the shunt reduced as well as limit the 0-1.24V PWM input value, this needs also a new ramping table on the moon modes
On the other hand I would have to reduce the inductor value as well to get the ripple increased
Also slowing Buck frequency even more to get less switching loss on the MOSFET, for that I have to order bigger lower voltage capacitors

Lexel, do you know how many lumens you get with this 70.2 mod?

The LED is at its max lumens so likely close to 9000 LED lumens that got tested by other members, lets say 12-15% losses in optics

Anybody jave beam shoots by anychane? BtW, lexel, track8ng says the driver just hit new york. Few more days until i get it.maybe I’ll be the one posting the beam shots.

Ill do a wallshot when I have time

Working on some new things

Beam shots...... I just now finished my MF02 70.2. If lexel was here I'd give him a huge hug :-) this thing is absolutly nuts. Running lexels amazing driver, SLICED XHP 70.2 P21A 12volts 8 amps 7450 Lumens after 10 seconds


Mateminco MT35 with a xhp35 E21A 18 AWG wires, stock driver 2280 Lumens after 10 seconds

Distance is 55 feet. Pretty self explanatory. One pair of the beam shots is with manual seetings and one other pair witis with auto camera settings.


Ive been eyeing on this for a while and unsure if i want to mod them yet.

Very keen to see if it’s worth it.

Looks like an awesome combo! Can you take a lux measurement?

Ya, I think I can, I have only measured LUX on smaller throwers from 3 meters away. I’m still a little confused what the proper/Ideal distance should be for large reflectors throwers (70mm in this case) I should be farther away from the sensor? 10 meteres? What’s the ideal distance for the BLF GT? I’d like to measure my GT before and after a (xhp35 E bin 6000k) swap also.

I would guess you need 7 or more meters to measure the MF02. Not sure about the GT.

See here for some explanation of this concept: Light collimation with an LED flashlight

With MF02 and GT I got best throw numbers at 15-20m