Modding a P7 Lenser

In a word no ! The emitter could not be soldered directly to aluminium so you would have to use heatsink compound. Both the heatpad and one electrical terminal can be soldered directly to the copper improving heat transfer further. Aluminium is far worse than copper at conducting heat ~ approx half as good, so copper behaves like a piece of aluminium half the length and twice the csa. The thread length is around 11mm, so the area in contact with the aluminium is quite large, imagine stretching the thread form out to a flat sheet, or do the math if your keen.

@ jerommel
Thanks for the kind comment. Metalworking is just a hobby I have taken up since retiring, because its very useful to be able to make custom parts. Also made myself a 3D printer for the same reason - sadly it only prints plastic(s) :frowning:

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