modding hs-802

Yes. also here

I have received the xpe-2’s in red(p3), and green(r2) from Mouser, along with 16mm sinkpads. Now it’s time for reflow soldering. But one question, how do I know which direction to put the LED on the sinkpad with respect to polarity?

there is a tiny little “+” symbol next to the dome or look at the data sheets.

Now I feel really dumb. I had looked at the data sheet on my phone, but never scrolled down far enough to see that part!!

Thanks to the help from y’all, I reflow soldered an XP-E2 to a sink pad, replaced circuit board with a 1400ma, and filed a little to get the LED into the reflector.

It is a huge improvement over factory!! Now I want to mod every light I have!

Congratulations, victory twice!

(you've got yourself a great light, and BLF has won a soul for the modding crowd)

Congrats Telephoneman! Sounds great.

Thanks Djozz for the emitter testing above.

I recently completed a build using an Ultracrap zoomie from Amazon with a red XP-E2 mounted on a sinkpad driven by a Qlite with (4) 7135’s. Had to do a lot of modifications to get good heatsink and to get the driver to fit and ground properly. It works and heat seems to be flowing good away from the led. Getting 1.54A at the tailcap on high so everything seems fine there. It’s bright but I still think it should be brighter. Not sure if I should move everything to a C8 host I already have or try and find a better lens since the one the light came with is junk or find a better zooming host. This is for coyote hunting by the way.

Also, has anybody tried to push the red XP-E2 higher than 1.5A? Not sure what it can handle properly heatsinked. By the way, the led is de-domed as well.

I have driven them up 2.2a with no significant increase in output past 1.4-1.5a. However every time I make improvements in thermal performance the output goes up.

I agree. Output seems to be very much related to temperature.

Most interesting. Was using red 3up Luxeon stars (ledsupply) with luxdrives but switched to Cree XRC (china sources) with mr16 drivers on my solar powered feeder lights. Typically drive them at less than 700ma and usually at 350ma for long life and solar efficiency. Been using red PT54s on my weapon lights. My crossbow has a 501 powered by a 18650 LIFEPO4 with orange peel reflector and my rifle has an aspherical 3 cell NiMH 18650 TR1200 host. Both builds use copper heat sinks and are mosfet switched, direct drive. My hand held is a 2D aspherical PT54 maglite powered by Tenergy NiMH.
Looks like Cree is improving RED light. Thanks for the report.