Modding Jetbeam Jet I Pro from thrower to warm flooder-guidance?

Hello modders!

I have a Jetbeam Jet I Pro that is a great light, but a thrower (smooth reflector and tiny XR-E emitter).

I would like to mod it to have a broad, soft, floody beam with a warm tint. Thinking perhaps a 219C 3000k or XM-L2 3000k emitter might be a good step in the right direction.

I have enough ability to change the emitter (can re-flow, or solder in a new MCPCB board - if I can find a board to fit).

But I don’t know anything about finding a textured reflector that would fit, or better yet, finding and fitting a TIR or Carclo of some sort. (The TIR in my Olight S1A gives a wonderful, soft floody beam.)

Would there be an aftermarket reflector or lens which would all fit together nicely in this light?

I’m not very educated on light modding beyond simple emitter swapping.

The bezel is removable and the reflector comes out easily. Is this light amenable to what I have in mind?

DC-Fix to flood it up, and moving to a floodier reflector will help. Even more than the Nichia, you could go to LH351D if you can find it in the proper color temperature.

There are several TIR optics that, depending on the space it has inside the head (where the reflector fits), may fit or not.
If you can check the size of the reflector, maybe it is possible to find a “pebbled/beaded/hive type” TIR or even a frosted one that is suitable for that light!

Finding a TIR or OP reflector may be challenging, and will be trial and error. If the height is not exactly the same, you will probably need additional o rings to hold everything in place and to seal the light.

For a warm tint, SST20 is beautiful, but thrower than lh351d.

Another way to diffuse the beam other than DC Fix is to sand the glass lens.

Lh351d is probably the ideal LED for something warm, floody and high CRI, but it may be challenging to source. I ordered the 3500k 80 CRI from Kaidomain but haven’t received it yet…

The LH351D 3500k 90 cri can be ordered from Digikey.
Shipping is usually around 5 or 6 bucks usps.
Contactcr tested it here. LH351D 90CRI Spectrum Tests - #32 by contactcr
The bin I linked is the best, they offer another bin but its not as good as the UPP6.
Finding the right size TIR will be challenging but most of the time the size is listed in the descriptions. Pull your reflector out and measure diameter at the top and the height.
I would try aliexpress and search for “”led optic”“: for xpl, xpg, LH351D 3535 sized optic.
I thought of one more thing, you could use the OL stipple method on your reflector to smooth out the beam a little more.
Details here. Video - How I Stipple a Reflector
Comparison photos here. Beam Shots - SMO Reflector versus Stippled Reflector - Just so you can see the difference.
You will lose about 7 to 10 % in the lumens in the testing I have done but it makes a big improvement and your going to lose some lumens either way you go anyway.
There’s also DC-fix. DC-Fix Diffusion Film Sale
None will be as floody as a wide angled TIR but pretty good improvements can be made with the other methods.

Excellent. Thank you. I just got schooled up on DC-Fix and ordered some from Jeff. I think that will go a long way in renewing my appreciation for this cool little Jet I Pro.

The LH351D emitter is part of a line of emitters that I have no experience with, nor knowledge about. I take it the 351D is a great choice for floody output. I need to learn more about that. All of my lights have CREE emitters (XR-E, XP-E, XP-G, XP-G2, XM-L, XM-L2, and XP-L…. aside from a couple with Nichia 219B.)

I might even give a light spray of Clear Lacquer to the smooth reflector to soften it a bit.

Excellent info, sir. Thanks very much. I will explore those links. I think my Jet I Pro is going to rise like the Phoenix! Such a nice quality light and great size - kind of a shame that it’s been languishing in the flashlight bin for so long.

Thanks Pavlo… sounds like the LH351D is just the emitter I need to do some mods with!

Ditto to the Jet 1 Pro.
They a very nice small torch without trying to get max.Ultra. super.
I have a couple. One I use regularly.
running a Soshine 14500/900. Li-Ion.
Granddaughter covered her lens. and it works quite well.
BUT. Does not give the warmer colour. just more diffusion.
Which IS removable if needed.
Maybe there is a coloured, tinted tape avail?.

Yes, awesome little light. Not every light needs to throw into the next county and put out 2800 lumens on turbo. In fact, I only need a couple of lights like that. For most of my light use, warm and floody suits me the best. And 400-500 lumens is more than enough output for most of my uses.

The LH351D emitter that folks have mentioned above sounds like the perfect mod for the Jet I Pro. I’m going to look into that possibility.

I have a Jetbeam Jet II MK incoming. I plan on putting a quad e21a or quad e17a and diffusing the lens. It will be floody, perfect tint, ultra high CRI and super efficient.

That sounds very cool. I’ve never heard of e21a or e17a emitters. Something else I need to get schooled up on.

Definitely worth looking into.

The challenge with putting them in the Jet 1 mk is that you would need to fit a 16mm mcpcb. I think the jet1 is smaller, but possibly a good candidate for a single e21a, but that would be very throwy!

Yes, I think the Jet I Pro is a candidate for a single, large emitter, more suited to a broad kind of beam. I take it the e21a is a very small emitter (suited to multiples on a single board)?

Yup, nichia e21a is quite small. When you combine 4 of them together, you get something similar to xmL or xhp50.