Multiple AA lights vs C ?

I haven’t had any C or D cell lights since I was a kid but I also don’t have any 6 or 8 AA cell lights.

What is the advantage of 6 AA cells vs 2 C cells. Is it just to hit the “magic” 3.6 V number that the emitter requires without a boost driver?

I have a 3d mag and use Kd's 3aa - d converters. Works great on eneloops. I also have 2aa - c converters. I don't have any c flashlights and would not buy any more c or d lights.

Is that just to eliminate having to buy a different battery type otherwise it seems easier to drop in 2 batteries rather than 6.

Also, with the battery converters you have is it wired so that it keeps the voltage the same as it would be with 2 C cells (3v)? Thanks!

yeah 3v x 3 = 9 v and I'm using a fusion drop in. I have a few other things I use converters for so saves me having to buy d batteries

I think that many consider 3xC or 3XD as too bulky nowadays. Also the C- and D-cell format is not getting much love from the budget manufacturers. I own a 3C and a 3D now (both with XR-E), which are kind of budget (sub 20€ range) but the overall output/efficiency is not as high as latest technologies on AA or LiIon lights.

correction. My 3aa- d adapters are 4.5v each(or bit less depending on the charge). I am using 2 adapters with a dummy battery.

What sort of current draw? I found those 3AA-D adaptors from KD useless for 4+amps. Problem is, the better multi-AA holders with low resistance are ridiculously expensive. Some enterprising Chinese manufacturer could sell quite a lot of those at a decent price.

Fortunately the Fusion36 dropin doesn't need anything like those currents. From memory it draws about 1.8A with 6 cells. It works best with 4 cells or more. With a shortened tail spring and a bit of plastic pipe you can get 4 C cells into a 3D Mag.

For me, 3D is the upper limit for useful size. Beyond that, the lights are more luggable than portable.

Only about 0.7 A but batteries are not fully charged. I prefer using 2 18650's but it does produce a lot of light with 6 eneloops. A 2d would be my preferred host for this set up. But mine was stolen and its too expensive here to replace. I do like the "club' factor of the 3d. Doesn't really get any use when I have 50+ others to choose from.