MXDL becoming my favorite ultra budget light brand

I picked up a AAA x 1 MXDL 6 months ago for $2.99 shipped I think. It has been surprisingly useful around the house. I scavenged the clip which was pretty nice for my Tank 007 but it would work on my Thurnlite Ti just as well. It’s got a protruding clicky button which I love. Easy to use and puts out enough light for things you woukd normally do around the home.

Fast forward to my MXDL $5 18650 deal. I got two of these and they came with clips that will fit other lights and lanyard rings that work great on many lights. The output, throw and tint on my two have been very pleasing. I smile every time I turn one on to use it. I think, wow, all this for $5 delivered!

Maybe I just got two of their better lights but I am going to start looking more closely at MXDL despite their stupid name. I didn’t even know it was their name until recently. I though my MXDL AAAx1 was a model number.

I got one of the $5 SA-16’s too. And despite the fact it shouldn’t be all that good I keep finding myself going back to it time and time again. Really a very nice usable light and I’d be just as happy even if I’d paid $20 for it.

Speedsix, where did you purchase from and do you have a link?

Yeah, some of these cheapos aren't all that bad for their money.

Just stay away from these, they're not worth it:

AVOID this one to ;

Chicken Drumstick, don’t give our Asian vendors on this forum any ideas. I don’t need the prices raised for my fix!

My first led light was an mxdl c2 clone off ebay for 8 bucks. The threades were mangled and looked like they were turned with a butterknife. The walls of the battery tube were off center. The company sent me a replacement but it was worse than the original.

This is probably the 2nd one mentioned.

PS - a couple of us have it running on 2 CR123s also.

I ordered this one by mistake, it’s a 2xAAA and I love it…hard to beat for $3

Might be this flashlight in the original post:

Robust clip and a nice switch.There is also a 2aaa version of the same light.

Edit; did not see Daves post!

Yep, I have one of these and they are one of the better MXDLs. Clip is reversible too, but the finish gets easily scratched.

I agree of all the uber cheap lites/ or blf delite lights they are some of the best..i forget the model number 7125's ??..It comes in a 2 AAA as well and the twisty version with a clip wasn't bad either ..(at this point we are talking value for the $ spent )saying they aren't bad is a questionable thought )

One problem is ... It's rolling the dice on the tint ...Most are not great and others are almost acceptably sorta ok ..and one out of aboput 15 is actually ....ok. beyond that the body and reliability seems to be fairly decent ..all things considered .

I have gifted all but a few ...and agree it is a perfect 2$ light to have hanging on a small hook on the inside of your closet door or in that dark corner of the garage ..a great I don't care about this light ..lite ... the battery is worth more .

Yeah, ultra budget is the key phrase. We are talking a few dollars not $20-30. The $5 delivered SA-16 has got to be one of the best bargains I have ever seen. The clip and lanyard with SS ring are worth $5.

The color of the light is very attractive and the style is not bad. Feels good in the hand and the overall quality is pretty good. At the full price of $12 or so, it is still a deal and I would certainly pay that. Compared to one of the most popular lights in that price range the UF 502b, it blows it away in quality.

Possibly the worst name ever for a company but for ultra budget, I like them.

Yeah, that is the same one I mentioned in my first post. I forgot what they called it. Mine is 1 x AAA but same light otherwise. I will buy the 2 x AAA because it will make a decent knock around penlight for work.

MXDL is one of the oldest “brands” out there. It pre-dates the Bessiebenny CPF thread by at least a couple years.

I have always wanted to give this lil’ one a shot as a small EDC.

This one has served me very well after a driver-mod.

The small one can be modded by swapping the stock pill with any P60 pill. Just
remove the spings, the reflector and some solder at the driver, so its not connected
to the pill anymore. You can use some glue to make it stick to the pill This has to be
done as the light is a twisty. The body must make the connection to the driverground
to get the light going.

I have tried with an Q5, a R5 and an XML. Dont expect much runtime with the latter.
And its getting very hot!

I did a simple emitter swap with a warm white Osram…they’re available from one of our smaller suppliers for $1.50…makes for a great little one mode light. The tint is more neutral than anything.

I like the Osram. Have just modded another very budget light with one