My New 3.7V Sofirn 5000 mAh Cell is 50A!

Did some googling and haven’t found this anywhere else yet. Came with IF22A from AZ. Where the “normal” cell is 3.6V and reads 18Wh next to the 5000 mAh marking, mine is marked 3.7V and replaces the “18Wh” with “50A”.

Anybody else recently get one of these hot rod cells? Lishen special run? ; )

Yes, peg matite, I also have got in my newly-arrived IF22 the wonderful Sofirn 21700 cell with 5000 mAh and 50A! But I suspect “50A” may NOT really mean any maximum continuous discharge power! :disappointed:

It weighs the same 73 g, as the other Sofirn 21700 3.6V 5000 mAh cells. But can it be so powerful?

Based on these two tests here on BLF earlier this year, I picked up a couple and they’ve been good cells. Reality: +/- 10A (9.6A according to the secret datasheet that LP obtained) so if you want more then it’s back to 40T or Molicel. I have no complaints with these and generally I think their previous 4000mAh cells were pretty good, too. I usually run 50E or 40T but the Sofirn cells are certainly keepers.

Yes I have had no problem with the cells they supply with the lights I just wondered why they felt compelled to change the markings to something dramatically overstated. Still a good combo deal light and cell.

They’re Marketing Amps! :slight_smile:

Sofirn/Wurkkos 5000mAh 21700 (with the “triangular design top lobe”) are Lishen LR2170SD 21700 batteries.

Do you know if the Liitokala Lii-50e are LR2170SD’s as well?

I was wondering what exact battery came with my IF22A.

Thanks for clearing this up.