Neal’s gadgets

Has anyone had a problem with a return?
I’m having a cold shoulder type of reply and was wondering if anyone else has had better luck, or if there’s some special way to do this
Thanks in advance

Well, returning anything to China is likely to be cost prohibitive, and there’s this: Negative experience with NealsGadgets

Best of luck. Perhaps a refund, even in part might be a better option.

I’m sorry, a better option than what?

I inquired about a RMA and was hoping for a return/refund and was never answered
I emailed 3 days in a row and asked how to return
No reply

I had my two magnificent BLF GT 94 lights shipped to me from Neal, no problems of any kind, so I never had occasion to attempt communicating with him.

Well, anyway, keeping up with the main topic thread for this issue (linked in post #2 of this topic thread) shows that a worthy try is to attempt to communicate with Neal via Facebook Messenger, whatever that is, and however to do that is.

I did email him
He stopped replying
I do not have Facebook

I will sometimes get response from Neal, my advice- keep emails short. Less than 3 sentences, and to the point. Put something attention grabbing in the subject line. Best of luck!

Neal has never replied to any of the 6 emails I have sent over the course of more than a year :person_facepalming: I sent them to his hotmail with optimism that was crushed.

I have never purchased from NG before and probably never will after reading the horror stories on BLF.

i have purchased a dozen times from NG, one small problem he did resolve. Hard for me to bash him, his shipping times have been 10 days to CT, USA…

but, his communication is… not good… at all…

he runs the store alone, i think he has too much work really with that along with his life, wife kids etc… not realy an excuse but running such store onemans show isnt easy… he reallyneed improve his communication… no excuse todays world ignore your customers.

I wish you the best of luck.


With NG… Caveat emptor.

I would use paypal dispute.

dispute now, never send anything back without prepaid label