Neal's Gadget silence

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Just two questions:

• How do you know that Henk4U2 is a moderator or admin?
• What exactly did I write that can get me in trouble?

OK, Sorry.

I don’t know anyone who’s a moderator
But when you post a personal message up that someone’s sent to you , it’s kind of calling them out and not polite , maybe this could get you in trouble , maybe not

Let’s try keep it polite here

I allready said I feel you Man

Whats the reason you buy from neals store? Hes got any very special sortiment? Prices? I wonder that after sooo many bad experiences there are still any neals customers here…

Thanks for the clarification. You are right. I will no longer post private messages, even if these messages themselves threaten to appear in the threads.

I really hope you get some feedback from Neal and I hope you get your torch soon pal
Think positive and good things happen

I’m sending good karma vibes your way , keep us updated though what happens

Good luck man and I didn’t mean to sound like a moaner

Let’s make torches great again :slight_smile:

Neal has still not been able to return to his home (office and warehouse) due to the virus

He is aware many people are awaiting his reaction and messages....

At the time only him had the new BLFGT-90.2

I put a $35 90.2 and a $10 Q8 driver in my buddy’s original BLF GT, it makes 5100 lumens and 1.68Mcd at 50M. Literally $45 in parts and some tinkering with the carrier.

If Neal himself has this virus or someone in his family I wish him the best. I’d sure hate to come through something like that and then have to answer all the whining emails… and yes Giancarlo, considering that it is well known the entire country is locked up with an epic sickness, you are whining. Give em a break and relax, it’ll all work out.

It shouldn’t be hard to put that information on front page of his shop, isn’t it? Even without going out.

Problems with Neal have been going on long before the virus problems.

True. I’ve been there myself.

I see from other members’ posts that the Neal’s store reputation was well known long before the virus appeared.

I am not whining. I’m not complaining the flashlight was not delivered. I am not complaining it has not been shipped. I just asked the members of this forum if anyone knew this store (Neal’s Gadget) in order to guess the reason for the absolute silence of its owner.

I know about the logistical problems caused by the epidemic, however, all the Chinese stores I use have kept in touch with me, they explained to me why I had to wait longer than usual, and many of them have already shipped the goods after February 14th. That’s all. Don’t try to present me as a cynic.

Hey Giancarlo,

Quite sorry about the situation; it’s definitely a fantastic light you’re waiting for! I think you’ve been nothing but fair here, so I’m surprised by some of the unpleasant comments here thrown at you. Well I hope you eventually get your light.

I totally agree with hIKARInoob on his reply to Giancarlo. I am sure everything will work out, but you will need a lot of patience. Please don’t stress over this, and ignore the negative feedback.

I have ordered from Neal a couple times and placed an order on January 31st with 5 to 8 day shipping for a NI40 with the XHP50.2 because the Osram and SBT90.2 where sold out. The way I look at it is I’ll get it when it comes. It’s worth it to me because I am covered by PayPal and I get a flashlight that is not easily found anywhere else. I have 50+ flashlights and waiting for a month or two is not a big deal to me. I figure I order one a week for several months and then they start arriving weekly, its like a surprise in the mail box. If you really think of it, we here at BLF are lucky, spoiled even because we get and own flashlights that the general public has no knowledge of or a clue on how to get them. I have had neighbors and police officers ask me about the amazing flashlights I have because they are just that, amazing! My only concern right now is that Neal and his family are safe and healthy because the Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in China. Just my two cents.

Exactly…. What is interesting on fb hes answering… Sometimes. I dont buy from him anymore. Bg is good enough

Slow or no communication is frustrating but of all the defective lights or delayed shipment lights reported here, did you eventually get the problem resolved? I mean the orders that weren’t cancelled. Did they arrive? Was a defective light made right? That seems to be the bottom line here. All the good orders can’t erase that.