Nealsgadgets’s...I’ve got you covered

I feel like I walking a tightrope. “Hi **we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent”. That was Dec 12. When I chk my calendar, today is Dec 22. I still don’t have update. So…. .shipped and no update or maybe no ship no update??? Which one pls?

At least Neal is responding to you. Most of us don’t get a reply.

I have always had a reply from Neal.

How do you communicate with Neal?

Via email.

I tried email and messenger.

No idea.

I just check and verify that my last order of Nov 29, 2019, still shows as “Unfulfilled” on his website.
Some day it will say something else.

I figure delay can only be good — might get a newer version of Anduril; might get a flashlight someone has bothered to check for working correctly; might get one someone has used compressed air to blow out the metal fragments and debris from thread cutting; might be someone has been checking things are screwed together properly; or, might be anything could be being done better.

Or, might just be waiting in a stack somewhere, of course.

I feel for you. I never got responses and I will NEVER order from him again.

Did you know there is a thread specifically about negative experiences with him? It is hard to imagine with all the complaints that the guy is still in business.

I didnt get a response a few weeks ago either so i chose not to bother if cant answer a question sorry i move forward…

Fixed that for ya. One can always pay a US-label business to take all the import grief and sell the same stuff to us for twice the price.

I have only dealt directly with China twice out of the 75 plus lights I have bought over the years. I would rather support my country, pay a little more, have remarkable customer service and still get a lot of the products from US dealers at close to the same price MINUS all the aggravation, inconsistencies and POOR communication. :wink:

Ilumn isn’t “twice the price”. They are actually cheaper with the XPL-HI version of the FW3A, and the same price with the SST20. Mt. Electronics was never twice the price either.