Need a light for specific purpose

Trying to find a specific style of light that isn’t $50+

Purpose: Mounting to my 9mm pistol

Not a use specific light because too hard to mod.

Size is about what a Convoy S2+ or similar (which I have many of) but with short tube.

Want to be able to install specific driver (something from MTN Electronics) and specific led, XP/219 size

Momentary switch operation. Pressure switch doesn’t work in this case

I can find them but they are by more expensive brands, was hoping that there was something that was more in line as being a host for mods.

Output I will set as I don’t need max output, balance of runtime and output, all of which I can do myself with help from Rich if needed as I only need on/off/ and maybe strobe

PLEASE tell me someone here knows where to look. 18350 size cells are not required but 1” total diameter of light body is the restriction. Sadly the stubby brother of 21700 isn’t common and flashlights don’t exist hardly for that size class yet.

18650 class EDCs are just too damn long as my sidearm is between full size and compact (they class them as full size but so not full size hand cannon, but not pocket protector either)

thanks guys

How are you mounting it?

It would help to now what pistol that you are trying to mount a light on.
Olight has a black friday sale on their weapons light,it comes in at just under $50.00 with the discount.
Simon sells a single mode 7135*8 driver,and a 18350 s2+ host if you want to use a low cost tube light.
You will need a 1 inch weaver scope ring to mount the convoy to a pic rail.

Have you throught of a 14500 flashlight as the Convoy T2 or Jaxman E3?
Both can be easily modded with 17mm driver and different types of LEDs (even triples) and also with forward clicky switches!

I also recently modded an On the Road M1 (16340), that would fit a 15mm driver and takes forward switch with no problem as well! Also, the emitters can be modded easily!

And you also got Sofirn SF14 and SF10 that work good as hosts :wink:

Not sure from reading it, but you don’t want to mod anything?

Otherwise, a S2+ would make a nice host, and an incredibly flexible one.

Swap in a TIR lens of your choice (5° all the way to 90°) and shorty tube, and you’d fit an 18350 or possibly even an 18500 in there.

Take the pill, and you can swap in the 17mm driver of your choice, too. A 1.4A 1-mode driver won’t be switching modes at an inopportune time.

Plus, swapping in a forward-clicky switch would give you the momentary-on that you want.

Huh, kewl. Never knew he sold any 1-mode drivers.

Back to TIRs, the shorter length vs reflectors would probably let you (well, the OP) stick in an 18500 for more capacity if using a shorty tube. Might need to shorten a spring, but who cares? Less resistance anyway…

Ruger Security 9.

pic rail in front of trigger guard (have 1” pic rail scope clamps already)

Dogue: I was aiming for a tube light but the clicky rear button is an issue as Im wanting to keep it under and not out the side so it can be put in a holster. That’s the issue Im running into. I have a pistol light on the way to see if I can screw with it to get the emitter and such I want but I am not holding my breath on what I will be able to do with it.

I was hoping to find something that uses the forward momentary swtich design but short tube (but staying frugal lol, otherwise olight or nitecore would be on my list as I have a nitecore and like it, but no short tube set up for it)

And I may have mis worded OP but I WANT TO MOD. I have S2+ and clones coming out my ears, different mods to each, just the damn rear clicky switch is a problem and didn’t want to have to fab something crappy looking to move the switch to the side where I can get at it.

If you opt for a light with side switch capable of momentary mode, pick an Emisar D4 with 18350 tube! It can be locked for mometary ON! Smaller and brighter will be hard :smiley:

But then it is harder to configure the exact output you need, as you’ll always get “turbo” when momentarily clicking!

EDIT: Another light easily moddable is the On the Road i3 (zoomie) that fits a 15mm driver and different LEDs without problem! You can zoom it in or out according to your needs!

You can swap a rear RC switch for a FC switch. Unscrew the retaining ring, pop out the old innards (switch+board), pop in a new one, put back the ring.

Just need to get a shorty tube if you got S2+es coming out your ears. So you’re more’n halfway there.

Mountain Electonics sells a forward clicky switch on a 17mm board.
You may have to mod it to get it in a convoy tail cap.

Ok I see where the confusion is.

Its not the forward or reverse clicky part. Its the switch being on the tail cap.

Those with side switches towards the front of the lights use momentary switches to operate (and that’s I think what threw ppl off).

I don’t need the “momentary action” of a forward clicky though its handy in some matters. The problem is that I cant get to the switch size the tail cap will be almost up against the trigger guard (as a normal pistol light is, looks like part of the gun not sticking out the side)

Take a look at this. It may fit your requirements.

I haven’t seen any in stock for a while but, I bet if you put up a WTB here on BLF someone will have one they are willing to part with. I had one on a pistol for a while before I got a dedicated weapon light. It was quite nice and plenty bright.

has anyone tried to put a convoy short tube on the s9? that would be PERFECT if I could put a short tube on it and change the led at least (probably no driver I can mod to work with it)

@ todd : that is perfect, exactly what Im looking for grrrrr

Try posting in Want To Buy section. I bet someone has one collecting dust on a shelf or something. I would have given you the one I had, just got rid of it last month.

Utorch SFA-05B for $18 right now. I have 2 and ordered one more as a gift. It has a mechanical rear rocker/paddle type switch that sticks out both sides of your trigger guard. Simple momentary action or latching action depending which way you press the rocker. It has strobe activated by double tapping the rocker, but you can dissable the strobe by quickly tapping 10 times. Haven’t had time to measure the output, but it is very bright.

I really like my little Olight PL mini Valkyrie.
It is on sale for just under the $50 you mentioned , today and tomorrow (Nov. 22nd and Nov. 23rd) during the Black Friday sale.
Direct link ……….

My review on the PL Mini , with a couple of pictures of the PL mini on a Springfield XD pistol and also live outdoor footage in the video portion , comparing it with the H1R and HS2 headlamps ……HERE

I have opened up options to 14500 lights (lots of options there) and cells seem to be about that of 18350 cells which is really nice. A lot of options in that size.

Going to wait (except trying to find that little 18350 light above) before I get too crazy till I pick my Ruger up when I get back from here in St Louis. Stupid 3 day hold and we decided to come down here a day earlier than planned. Once I have it and the couple things I have ordered (one is like the $18 light linked above, other is scope clamps) Ill see where Im and exactly what kind of room I have.

My big thing is replaceable cells because I don’t want to be dealing with running out of battery and unable to charge.

I just have a hard time paying good money when all my lights perform and hold up as well or better than the high dollar stuff. Drive the guys nuts because they pay big money (like surefire) and my stuff is 1/10 of the price and has been beat up for years without issues along with perform just as well.

Tigris99, I have been searching for something similar to mount on my Sig P220. I ended up buying this SureFire X300 Ultra clone to see if it would be modifiable. Turns out the side switch isn’t long enough for me to activate due to the massive size of the pistol. It looks exactly like a legit $200 Surefire. I think I’m going to get in on that Olight sale so I’d like to sell this SureFire clone. Let me know if you would be interested. It takes 2x 18350’s.

TGPUL Tactical SF X300 Ultra Pistol Gun Light X300U 500 Lumens High Output Weapon Flashlight Fit 20mm Picatinny Weaver Rail

ya id be interested