Need help on a P60 Drop in, want resoanaoble throw

I think heat is probably the biggest issue. Overall, I think the P60 with XP-L Hi is pretty good if one can accept the low current.
I hope I can receive the C8 from Kaidomain soon so I can make a comparison. If the light output is almost proportional, I should get 2.5 times of “lumens” from the C8 in comparison to P60.

Based on the output the Sportac P60 dropins must be running at about 3 amps. Mountain Electronics builds P60 with 3 amp drivers and suggests “You probably want to limit current to 2.2A for most hosts, and 3.0A for a good Solarforce host with foil wrapped for better heat sinking.”

I’ve a XP-L HI V3 2B in a P60 with a 8x7135 Qlite driver. It is a credible match for a 992 lumen Rayus PT10.

2B - That’s the tint in the P60 that RMM is building for me.

Hows the tint? - I’ve never seen a (2) tint.


The 2B tint is good.

Since RMM has run out of V3 2B emitters, I ordered a XP-L HI V2 1A and I like it as well. Right now the 2B is in a P60 and the 1A is in a Convoy M1; same driver in both, but different reflectors — so I can’t make a direct comparison. I expect to have a 1A that I can put in a P60 by Monday to compare to the 2B.

Note, I’m just beginning to come to some conclusions regarding tint in general. I have some warmer 3D, 5A emitters and even a 7A XP-L emitter (all from RMM but one) to play with. I do find those warmer tints very pleasing in some situations. However, I agree with the those that prefer cooler tints for throw.

Thank you - That was very interesting and helpful to me.

BTW - Welcome to the BLF!

If I were to need to solve that problem, I would start with a hot XM-L2 drop-in and this TIR Optic :

10048 Carclo Lens - Plain Tight Spot LED Optic

The buck-and-a-half price wouldn’t kill me if it didn’t work. Not shilling for them, just using that as an example of a narrow/tight beam TIR…