Need help picking a flashlight...

I am totally new to all of this. I would like to get a flashlight or two to mount on a shotgun and an AR15. From browsing this forum it seems that $30 is the sweet spot to get a quality flash light without spending excessively. Someone mentioned a Convoy C8 due to it being affordable and very bright with a strobe option. My only request is that it should be able to handle recoil and it would be nice if the battery could be recharged and if not then easily replaceable.

Some inexpensive flashlights can survive recoil but if you plan on trusting your life to it then I’d go with a top quality brand like Fenix that will deal with the recoil better. Going for that quality will cost you more than $30 though. I think the C8 model is a bit big to use for this application. A tube light like the PD35TAC would probably serve you better. I have also used Streamlight ProTac flashlights and Olight M20SX flashlights and they handle recoil well.

Look for something with forward clicky for momentary on.

I have a C8 mounted on my AR15 that I use for coyote hunts. It has held up really well so far. Now I only put it on there when I am on the coyote’s, it’s not something I keep on there for around the house and other life and death type needs. I agree with Bwalkers recommendations if you are using them for self defense and bump in the night type situations. I have a few of the Nitecore P05 that I use on a AR and the lower pic rail of a pistol for the house guns. They work really well, fairly inexpensive. $55 I think. All of the ones mentioned so far take rechargeable LiIon batteries.

Your AR doesn’t recoil much at all. What are you going to be doing with it, varmint hunting? If you are hunting Coyotes for example, you’ll need a red light or they will never come near enough.

I believe all of the lights I mentioned meet that requirement.

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For an AR I would HIGHLY recomend the KDLitker c8.2 with XHP35 emitter. Its around 2,000 lumens and is VERY well built. I have never had a KD product fail.
a shotgun is significantly more recoil. I would recomend a thrunite or nitecore for it.