Need help updating Anduril for D4Sv2/D4v2

1. Which attiny AVR does the D4Sv2 and D4v2 use? Attiny1634 for both?

2. If so, WinAVR-20100110 does not support Attiny1634. Works great for D4S which uses attiny85

3. The program for windows 10 listed in the toykeeper thread does not work for me. I can’t run the cmd line function to start avrdude. I can with WinAVR-20100110

4. Other programs to use for avrdude which support attiny1634?

Android + OTG + USBasp + Zflasher .
Win interface - AVRdudess

Thank you! Got it working on Win 10.

Now I just have to figure out how to make it work on Android

Emisar D4V2 Flash Kit Instructions (Official How To)

Not sure if the OTG I have is the problem or my android phone. The video is missing the part where you have to select which usb board you are using also which made it confusing as first.

Was easier on windows since I was used to updating my D4S to Anduril.

Ive been using AVRDudess since OG D4 times with no issue.
I initially was running my own avrdude scripts, but when I’m only touching Linux every 6 months to a year, an easy to use GUI is appreciated.

Much easier with Android and OTG. The OTG adapter from Hank did not work.

Hey guys

What attiny do I use for my d4sv2

I am trying to flash the latest tint ramping one on my light