Need help with Emisar D4V2

Hi guys. Forum noob here with a quick question.

I have the original D4 ti and love it, so I decided to get the new D4V2 as well. I’ve noticed some differences in how the light behaves when stepping down from turbo or max output. On my orignal D4, the light would remain at max brightness for a much longer period of time and ramp down slowly (in steps). On the new D4V2, it seems like the flashlight instantly starts ramping down as soon as I put it in turbo. For example, I can put it in turbo mode and visually see it slowly getting dimmer. I can double tap and see it jump back up but it starts dimming again immediately. I prefer how the original worked and would like to set up my D4V2 to operate in the same manner… But the programming instructions are a little difficult for me to understand. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You can re-calibrate the temp setting and make it so it it waits until higher temp to start throttling the output.

Thanks for the reply atobe… How exactly do I do that?

See the manual here ~toykeeper/flashlight-firmware/fsm : contents of ToyKeeper/spaghetti-monster/anduril/anduril-manual.txt at revision 490 , read the blinky/util section on how to do it. Here is the diagram for the different modes ANDURIL USER MANUAL & LIST OF LIGHTS

Ok, I think this has got the issue sorted out. Thank you!

In this section:

  • Temperature limit. This sets the maximum temperature the light
    can reach before it will start doing thermal regulation to keep
    itself from overheating. Click once per degree C above 30. For
    example, to set the limit to 50 C, click 20 times. The default
    is 45 C

It says the default is 45C (113f)… So I followed the instructions and clicked 25 times which according to the info above should put the limit at 55C(131f). Seems to stay at max output much longer now. Perfect.

Thanks again!