Negative experience with NealsGadgets

The guy is just overloaded (his own fault).
He is a good guy however and if it goes wel we are happy customers with great lights. If something goes wrong in the process, good luck with the communication it is going to take a while. My experiences are mixed.

Would be wise to take a pause on launching new lights and giveaways and resolve some long going issues with some orders first.

Taking a month to ship is not the fault of DHL.

Seeing that a package arrived to a completely wrong address than the one the customer provided means that should be the sellers responsibility to contact the delivery company or issue a refund/replacement.

My experience with Neal is negative as well. At the end he managed to make things right, but not without dozens of emails, Reddit posts, BLF posts, facebook messages, probably missing something.
He would only reply to me when I post publicly.
Yes, this user created a new account just so he can post his problem, but that doesn’t mean it’s fake or anything. There are countless posts on Reddit complaining about Neal.
Right now I want to order the FW1A but I won’t, due to my previous bad experience.

I changed my mind and sent him a request to cancel my order. He refunded my money without any hassle in less than 1 hour. With AE, and if you lucky with BG, it takes at least one week.

Having a hard time with Neal’s as well. Getting close to a month now since I purchased an FW3A from him. Slow shipping, I can deal with that, shipping info on the package incomplete because of SurePost printout problem so it gets sent back to Neal’s store (or maybe China, I don’t know), I get it, stuff happens, 2 emails and no response, well that’s getting close to three strikes.

At this point I don’t know if he’s tried to re-ship my light or what. Guess I’ll just hang on for a little longer.

I was not impressed with the trit optics I ordered from Neal. They are not drilled on center, nor glued. One optic was completely missing a trit, and the other had traits fall out multiple times during installation as a result of not being glued.

I’m done with trits in general though because my eyes have to be dark-adapted to even see the light from them.

I contacted Neal about my E01 SST20 he replied next day told me the was a delay, and shipped it two days later.

He has always got back to me via email.

I have received 4 orders from him
All shipped right away, all received in good order.

I recently received the wrong light from him. I sent an email referencing the order number. I explained what I ordered and what I had received, and said that I would await his instructions. No instructions came but about a week and a half later I received the correct light. Previous orders had no issues. Things happen.

For me, they at least responded to a question. Delivery was the proverbial slow boat. They are better than Kaidomain which I can’t get a reply from.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice. I purchased some tritium optics from Neal a good while ago. He shipped them within a week and I was provided a e commerce DHL tracking number. The number reads as invalid when placed in the DHL tracking system on thier website. All my attempts to reach Neal have been unsuccessful for the last month. When I click on the “tracking” email it just says picked up by shipping partners and otw to California.
What is the longest you guys orders remained in this status? Also have you guys been able to communicate with Neal?

Thank you

That particular type of DHL shipping is quirky that way… there is only like one DHL website where you can track it, and using the tracking number on the USPS site shows nothing pretty much all the way until it gets to the PO in my town.

Try this website for tracking:

I had a REALLY long wait for one of my orders to arrive (felt like MONTHS), but I think it was mostly just the excitement coupled with a slightly longer than normal shipping wait time. If it shipped, there is nothing more Neal can really do unless it was shipped to the wrong address or some other mistake on his end.

Amazon packages get to my house next day in most cases… they even deliver on Sundays, so I can get almost anything to my house in 1-3 days. Any Chinese company/shipper will look terrible when compared to Amazon Fulfillment.

First try 17 track to track your item.

The listed tracking number and who is shipping is sometimes wrong, the tracking number for me has always been right, just who is shipping nhas been wrong. Are you contacting via email? always had an answer from him.

I’d like to start by saying that many here have had great experiences with NealsGadgets. And, I don’t think Neal intentionally tried to rip off anyone. I believe Neal just got inundated with FWXX orders and got disorganized for a while.

However, after weeks of multiple attempts trying multiple ways to contact Neal and resolve the issues with my last order, I was finally forced to use my last resource. I reluctantly started a PayPal case. Good or bad, I will update the group with results.

My experience is this.

I ordered 1 Fireflies E07 on Agust 30, I don't remember about the 7 days of festivity in china. I try to contact Neals since the website shows my order as unfulfilled. He does not reply to any emails and I sent several emails asking for updates 10 days after the purchase. In my order, I pay $11 dollars for fast shipping 5-8 days.

Finally, he contacted me via facebook chat and told me the order was shipped yesterday on October 17. The next day October 19 I received a package with the light and I was very happy but confused about how in the world arrived that fast. Anyway, about 3 days ago I got another package with a second E07 exactly as the first one. He sent 2 E07 and I pay for one. I contacted immediately via facebook chat and I told him what happen. He just asks me if the light was the same model and I say Yes! and also ask him how he wants to resolve this since I don't want him to lose money for this. I want to pay for the second E07 even when I don't ask for it but he never responds back to me.

My resolution is. He obviously is a good guy and a very busy guy as well. The communication problem can be from translations or connections problems. I don't know.

I absolutely will buy again from him since he demonstrates he is an honest person but I learned if you have rush dont buy from China because the delays are not only in the delivery company, the US custom can take days to release and clear container adding more delays.

But if you want a cheap price for a good product you need to learn to wait.

Did I notice two first time posters both have negative comments about this seller? Did one post a comment immediately after someone else had a question about a trit sight? I post infrequently because I have little to offer to those so much smarter than me. But this seems funny.
Negative comments pile on me just don’t ya’’ll be taken for fools

I have gotten I think 4 orders from neal.
All were shipped promptly and arrived quickly.

During the last days/week, Neal was busy as he was taking Martin (M4D M4X) to the flashlight manufacturers!
I got a reply from him about an order I did by using the BLF private message system.
I suppose Martin only returned from China today (25th) so Neal may be resting or catching up with orders and mails/messages.

Ordered twice from Neal, both lights arrived without bigger issues. Second time there was a delay because his wife got his child got born. Though hearing about Neal not reacting to mails etc. is not new to me. To me he seems like an honest dude, but communicationwise somewhat chaotic.

I regret to inform the group that I was never able to work out the problems, with my last order from NealsGadgets, with Neal. I asked help from PayPal. They found in my favor.