New BALDER HD-1 [ AA - 14500 - 2 mode EDC ]

How much will this light cost in XP-E, XP-G and XM-L versions?

SirJohn sais target price = $30 , from what I heard , currently the only offer is going to be XP-G , ? but things can change .

Hey, Matt, thanks for the outdoor pics :smiley: XP-E is perfect for that size, IMO. XP-G will be too floody. (well, unless you want a floody light :slight_smile: )

I want a 3C XML in it , just like my SE-1 .

Made a video , to show the parasitic drain on the Balder …
Did it twice , so you can see how it behaves
MM measures 0.000 and that’s where it ends up 0.000Amp

OK so what you are seeing is … Light turns on high mode , changing modes = break circuit , now your in low mode , break the circuit and the light goes into stand by , but as can be seen this sample then turns off [ as far as my MM can measure ] , Im going to try again with two multimeters , with one set to a lower value to see if I can measure anything at all .

0.000A or less, so I’d say it’s almost inexistent parasitic drain. Good news then :slight_smile: Thanks for the test, old :wink:

Hey BobK. I have the SA2 Eluma. Do you (or anyone) feel it would work with a 14500 with a spacer (dummy) cell? Since the SA1 handles 14500 I would think the SA2 should as well? Love the light & don’t want to kill it. Thanx.


SashiX, I have both XML/XPG SE1 & while the XML is mostly flood, the XPG is a very nice blend of flood with very good throw.


Agreed, but this model is quite smaller :slight_smile: XP-E in HD-1 will have the same (more or less) beampattern as SE-1 with XP-G :slight_smile: (well, I think so, maybe I’m wrong :bigsmile: )

UPDATE 7/16/12:

Looks like the 3-mode XM-L U2 version with new interface will be released shortly. I guess I’ll have one in the next two or three weeks and I’ll try to get a review posted asap.

Look forward to hearing about it …

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :party:

Can someone please tell me is this called a piston drive?

It doesn’t have a button but you push the entire tube assembly to activate and change mode? Is the benefit of this reduction in height or something else?

Durability because you dont have a boot cap and switch?


You hit the nail on the head, esrevenge. Yes, the lack of tail switch parts reduces the overall length and the piston assembly light has less that can go wrong later. I believe there were three separate reviews of this light and all the questions you asked were answered. UPz did one review and SirJohn the other.

Thanks BR, sorry I missed that. So many great reviews, I must have just missed the other reviews, sometimes I start to read a post, then have to go away then forget what Ive read or didnt yet read, or I think Ive read one and it was someone elses review, hahaha.

It looks like a great light, I really like compact AA lights for EDC to clip on my pants pocket so this light looks interesting.

No problem, es. I like the looks of this light and so I read all the reviews cover to cover, as it were. Glad I could help.

I didn’t & cause of your ‘sound’ logic, I won’t. Thanks


Any news as to the release date and what dealers will stock the HD-1? I’ve got several folks on my gift list and this would be perfect for them….

I did make a comment over on CPF but no body responded, just wanted your thoughts on my observation’s.

CPF post:

“Not to hijack this thread but as you have said that the models sent out for review aren’t the finnished product.
I would be worried about grit/dirt/dust/sand/hair/fluff/lint clogging/grinding between the piston and body in those cutouts, also the Oring is having to do its job after everything had entered the chassis and not before like all other Orings”

Edit: and why is there an Oring in the tail cap, it might slow down crap entering the tail cap area but it seems too little compared to all those cutouts - I say this because I have had 4 piston drive nitecore lights 2x EX10 1x D11 and 1x D11.2 and if the piston wasn’t lubed well it would be a pig to use - even if the lubricant was too thick or got cold the piston would become stiff and that was with no grit in the barrel……

No offence meant but I just wonder if you get a light for free or at a considerably cheap price to review, are you scared to “really” put it through its paces and tell it how it is and not fear never being offered the same deal again??? I wonder……… I know I would get hung drawn and quartered over at CPF as that seems what happens if you have your opinion out loud (if its slightly offensive) or crocheting on their $ income.

Just a thought.