New Courui D01 XP-L V6

Hi all, I leave you the link of the store that have this updated version with the XP-L V6 in grey color. I asked the seller about the upgrade and he states that only the emmiter was changed. Very kind person by the way. :slight_smile:

That seems like a nice price

With free shipping. It may be goot for dedome, copper PCB and resistor mod, right?

Good thrower , with led dedomed and resistor mod ... Unfortunately ,if the driver is the old one ( from the old batches , 3-4 years ago ...) , do not expect too much !

Mine , with a blob of solder instead of sense resistor (I think that was R200 or R100...) ,barely reached 3.8 Amps ! Maybe an other type of driver will help you !

Also , the upgrade to XP-L V6 , will not help you too much , our respected member "djozz" made some tests here , against the old XML T6 , and the differences are unexpected low...Cree XP-L V6 2C led, tested against XM-L2 T6 3C, edit23/7: I repeated the test and measured a dedomed XP-L |

Hi Adrian, I have one with XM-L2 from Kaidomain. Stock with no mod it draws 2.5Ah on high.

I’ve always wanted one of these but most places always seem sold out. When the funds allow, I definitely want to order this.

It will be great for the only one old style xpg2 s4 2b dedome I have.

I would love to have one of these old style xpg2 s4 2b leds :frowning:

I still have an old xpg2 s4 that I’ve been keeping for the right host. This may have to be it! :sunglasses:

Nice choice with that big reflector.

I did so far 6 of this 38.5mm Narsil drivers on TA board design
to do more I need to restock my driver boeards in this size

These are a great light to mod. With the old type XP-G2, it’s possible to get in excess of 440KCd.

GREAT NEWS to have back the d01.thanks for the info.

I found this light which is basically the same I think just no branding, the price isn’t that great though, I do like unbranded lights myself.
Looks like one.?