New Driver: PD68 " Zwölf " - 20mm Linear 12*7135 - Attiny85 + Zener ready


That looks awesome keep up the great job

From your pic, it is 11+1 7135s right?

yes, 11 on the main channel, 1 on the secondary channel.

You’ve sure been a busy man Pilotdog! Keep up the good work! :bigsmile:

I’m still trying to find employment, so I have to fill my time somehow. It’s like playing a puzzle game, but you end up with something useful :slight_smile:

Im sorry you’re running through tough times. There’s a lot of that going on, and the unemployment rate doesn’t consider those who have exhausted their unemployment benefits. So the actual numbers are far higher then reported. Here’s wish you the best of luck in finding your dream job… and being grossly overcompensated! :bigsmile:

Hang in there man…

Nice work, and I like the style. This should be a nice driver for a 219C. But a 17mm version should be even better, but that does not fit 12 chips. A 17mm version with 7+1 chips then? (the stacking conosseurs can add 4 or 8 more if they feel the urge ;-) )

Good luck finding a job!

Haha, exactly what I feel. I was thinking that next time I’m designing a new board from scratch I’ll do a time laps of screen shots. Seeing all those components moving around, shifting and shuffling. Could be good for a laugh :slight_smile:

They will fit if you’re willing to use the back of the MCU as cell contact instead of a spring.

Your drivers are looking great!

But in the end I would like to actually use it in a flashlight, I'm a bit old-fashoned: I want a spring, and I want the battery side empty from components, even if that means only 1+3 or 1+4 7135 chips (I like stacking chips, it adds a bit of Zen to my evenings). And I do not wish to learn Eagle myself so I just keep shouting on the forum ;-). (just ignore me)

BTW, could one just use TK's BLF-A6 firmware for this driver, where instead of the FET, the higher modes get directed to the lot of 7135 chips?

That is correct

Look'n real nice! I believe there are 7+1 and 9+1 drivers already existing, think by wight - I have them but probably never built one up. Of course this one supports the 25/45/85's which wight's don't, unless you bend the pins to fit.

The OSHPark link from the pics are not working - is this made public yet?

Hope the job hunting works out for you... Good Luck!

I did not know that, or forgot. I'll try to find them. are they single sided?

There's this one:, but dunno bout it's reliability - pilotdog had issues with it, reading thru the thread - sounds like OSHPark issues, so not sure if all that are made will have that problem.

Can't find the 7+1, but I know I got them... Maybe wight pulled the plug on it? Not sure, didn't look far.

Oops - meant 8+1, not 9+1...

Think your looking for this I’ve used both and they have always worked for me.

Yes, thanks, that one will work I guess. Being a bit lazy following traces: is the used pin lay-out of the Attiny the same as for the BLF-A6, and pd68's 20mm board of the OP? (you mentioned that the BLF A6 firmware should work, so the answer would be yes, but I am still asking just to be sure).

Yes, they’re all the same pinout.

I didn’t do a 17mm because we already have wight’s 7+1 PZL driver, and there isn’t much I would change. I do not like the layout of the 8+1, but wight made it on my request at the time, so I can’t complain too much.

I took down the osh links because I need to add a couple more LED- vias. It’ll be back up in an hour or two.

Pictures and links are now updated in the OP.