New Haikelite HT70 [4 SST70, 17000lm, 1500m, 8x 18650]

Anduril version of MF01S can be flashed on the Haikelite MT09R? Any link of someone who has tried it?

Possibly, both are 6v, use Atiny85 mcu’s, and use dual FET’s with resistor banks.

There may be variations in the mcu pinout which would require a software modification. I think Lexel made the MF01S resistor bank go to about 500 lumen. That’s pretty low. I’m would imagine TA made the MT09R resistor bank to allow a higher output. So you might have to add/change some resistors on the MT09R driver to give smooth transitions between the channels. So in theory it can be done.

I’m just thinking of this off the top of my head. I don’t know if anyone has actually done it. I just know there are a lot of design similarities in these two drivers.

You have a use case of this light to run it stand alone and want the max output it can give based on temp regulation? I can understand having it on a tripod on a high setting, but I was under the impression Anduril didn't do that well in temp regulating these extremely high power lights - TK said this herself at one time.

Certainly if the light is in your hand, it's easy to crank the output back up.

What are the advantages of using the Luminus SST70 Vs. Cree XHP70.2?

The Luminus SST70 has a smaller die and the 5050 footprint which is good for throw. The XHP70.2 has the 7070 size and also a bigger die than the SST70. The SST70 emits 4000 lumen from a die that is even slightly smaller than a XHP50.

With four XHP70.2 the Haikelite HT70 would throw maybe 700-800m while the SST70 gets 1500m throw. The XHP70.2 would certainly be brighter and more efficient but it also has a yellow tint shift in the beam.

The SST-70 is way smaller than the 70.2. Here it is in the middle with the 50.2 on the right. You can see it’s also a quad die emitter. Maybe 4 SST-20 dies?
Pic by Djozz.

It’s die size looks pretty close to the xhp35-hd, but with way more output.

Here is Djozz review of the SST-70.

The SST-70 is phenomenal given the near XHP50.2 output at near XHP35 die size. Just imagine if Manufacturers can shave the domes off them; if used in the R90TS, it can potentially produce like 60k lumens at 1.3MCD.

Looks very promising. Can someone tell me where to buy the light?! Couldn’t find it anywhere until now. What is the official AE store from Haikelite?

Dunno if I believe Haikelite’s specs but even if it does “just” 12k and 1.3km that’s still impressive for an 85mm head.

It’s only on Taobao at the moment. A quick search looks like this might be the Aliexpress store.

HT70 gives almost 200% output and 90% beam intensity of x65mini.

Don’t know where you got those numbers from but the HT70 and X65 mini are pretty comparable.

Dabo gave me the data from a UNI-T UT383BT luxmeter who posted the

Freeme group buy info here.

8x 18650? Series or parallel? Is that a requirement for the 1500m throw? This is the best meter per dollar out there it seems?

2 in series, and 4 of those parallel. This determines driver design to power the leds. You can have more throw for less $ than this light, but you’ll most likely have a smaller hotspot, and much less bright spill.

Can you recommend some? Thanks

For example a single emitter XHP35 HI light with decent sized reflector like the Atrolux MF02, or the Imalent RT35. Both are in the order of $80 with coupon.
And for an even smaller hotspot with less bright spill there’s the upcoming Noctigon K1 discussed here: Emisar D1sV2 respectively Noctigon K1 - #48 by Hank_Wang

P.S. We don’t know for sure the HT70 actually does 1500m / ~550klux

I should be able to DISABLE the step down like I have with my FT03 which also has Narsil. Right?

The ad shows that it uses NarsilM. If accurate, then yes, it functions the same as the FT03. I would want some verification that it uses NarsilM, though. Haikelite have tried to make their own ramping software in the past.