New impressive products recommendation + giveaway( winners are out )

I like that idea!

OEM cheapo headlamp, that is powered by one AA battery, like this one:


- Power source - 1xAA - that’s very unique in cheap lights!

- Comparing to typical 3xAAA - 1xAA is very convenient

- Everyone can afford it

  • Should be bright enough for close-up tasks

Don’t have it yet, but for the price - very interesting offer for me.

Convoy Tiny XP-E2 Stainless Steel
AAA flashlight, EDC flashlight ,CREE XPE2 led inside
good inexpensive Portable Keychain Flashlight from Simon

y-start jin01 knife,null,2#svh-2-5|null:null:r0740945832

Reasons : some reviewers are very happy with this knife :

y-start jin01 review on youtube

Sunwayman C13R

Sunwayman T20CC

Nitecore NBM40 - battery holder

Lumzoo GH10 XPL V6 1A Cool White 18650 1200LM LED Flashlight

Very unusual flashlight. Made from a single piece of aluminum.
Conveniently standing on the tail. Do not rolled on the floor.
I am sure GB can make the most attractive price for it. For a collection.

I once organized a gb for this light, the FireFoxes 4 HID.
I no longer can find the website of the manufacturer, perhaps you can find it and inquire if there is an FF5 in the works?

Olight X7 Marauder

Great performance light in compact form

Oh I like the looks of this one, I second it!

Acebeam EC50 II

Best performance of single 26650 I’ve seen so far

And the Thrunite Tn12 2016

I have one for review now and wauw what a nice light this is.

Brontelight BT41

Reasons : 3*CREE XHP70 leds, 10000 lumens.

HaikeLite XHP70 Thrower
Looks like it will be a strong thrower.

HaikeLite MINI Triple-XHP70
Should have lots of flood and good throw.

YZXStudio 8 Power Bank

This is a very good powerbank. It is sold only on taobao.

Jaxman X1 ! This is a nice Pocketthrower.

DC Power Supplies UTP1305 30V 5A | UNI-T

This might come in handy for flashlight DIY project and troubleshoot.

Just the 1-mode small flashlight you need, since Manker retired the Boney.

Jaxman Z1 with XHP50 ! My favorite zoomie.

EVVA26650 4500mAh protected Battery. It goes up to 10 A. My favorite Battery for Convoy L6.

EVVA 18650 3400mAh protected. High Drain Battery with 10 A.